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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anybody seen my friend Fun??

Ever so often I update the Quotes to Live By segment of this show as a reflection of how I'm feeling at the moment or based on something I wrote about.  This quote applies for both. 

"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it"

Due to my recent leg injury followed by two surgeries, I am stuck on crutches for about 3 months, restricting me to any place of comfort where I can keep my leg constantly elevated.  I'm on non-stop meds so I'm liable to fall asleep at any time as though I have the biological clock of an infant or that of a senior citizen.  Therefore, I find myself fallling asleep mid-convo mid-afternoon and then I have bulging eyes at 2 in the morning.  Which wasn't so bad last night because I caught Baby Boy on STARZ movie channel sometime around 3am, and that movie is sheer comedy in its own right.  It's just something about Snoop in that wife-beater and Tyrese with a burner, crying and falling over himself which makes it grounds for endless laughter.  (Laughing at or laughing with is still laughter nonetheless).  But then the sun comes up and it's time for the day to begin and as my days continue to run into each other, I'm still waiting for the day to end.  But please, please, please don't confuse this post with an outcry for sympathy, empathy or any kind of pity for that matter.  I know of and have heard of situations far, far worse than mine.  That was prevalent in the ambulance the day I broke my leg and the EMTs manhandled my wound like they were dealing with a papercut... and my injury must be comparable to such considering I live in Newark, verifiably, "the hood", and gun-shot victims are already penciled in on their future daily pick-ups.  So for the record, Thank GOD for my present situation.  With my glass of apple juice sitting here HALF-FULL ready my next prescribed dosage, I'm grateful things didn't end up any worse. 

But even so, anyone who knows me knows I'm a busy body at heart.... So this injury is a major setback.  Just two weeks ago there was no such thing as finding no pleasure in having nothing to do, I ALWAYS had something to do.  I can't always say that these things were of any great significance, but it satisfied my urge to be in some sort of mix with good people, having good old fashioned fun.  What good is it to sit around in a world at the age where exploration is necessary, my responsibilities are at a minimum and endless opportunity is at my beck and call?   And even if I'm not doing it, the FUN is in having lots to do... just having it available, having it on pause awaiting you to press play... Kind of like when you were waiting for that dope song to play on the radio... But give me 3 months to ease off this pause button...

Anybody seen the fast-forward??  Don't mind me... just venting...


  1. Being the strong person that I know you are, I'm sure you'll make the best of this situation, as you do will all apparent "mishaps" that occurs in your life. So stay strong, hang in there,and i wish you a speedy recovery

  2. Great post! Hope you have a speedy recovery and God Bless!