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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Slow-Rolling on the Posting

I had a hamster once. He died. If it went to trial, the judge would have thrown the book at me. Negligence, endangerment of a minor (he was only a year old), and Man 1 (manslaughter in the first degree for all of you who don't catch up on your Law & Order). But I had a life to live. Who else was going to talk to my 8th grade crush until way after 11pm? If I didn’t pay close attention to the radio to record that Aaliyah song, who was? Not to mention the educational, physical, and social responsibilities I had… which consisted of knowing all the latest dances at all the parties.
I cried, though, when I tapped his cage and he didn’t move… the only pet I ever had…

I say all this to say, WillEYEListen will live on… a week without posting but I’m back to smother you like a proud owner would =)


  1. I feel u sis... I had some gold fish once and my cousin who was livig wit us at the time and he put his Oscar in the tank. His Oscar killed gold fish. What could I do I was only 11. I felt like I could have did something. I aint been right since.lol

  2. Well Thank God...I've been swinging by the page just hoping you'd feed me a word or two. Looking forward to some food for thought...or at least some laughs.

    Much love=eb