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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starting Over

Ever feel like packing a bag and catching a cab to the airport to take the next available flight outta here? Not to run from anything, not to avoid anything, not to pretend… but to take a chance on life and start brand new. I believe living an average life is sooo below average. And I just don’t want to settle.

I’ve lived in both Virginia and Texas doing internships during college. I have friends who have studied abroad or have taken extensive vacations in other countries. I know people who have picked up and started lives on opposite sides of the country, in different states, in different time zones. I have no college debt, or any debt for that matter, no kids and really no worries. Soooo…Why am I still in Jersey??

Right now I’m looking for a genie and I only want one wish: PASSION.
Passion drives you to follow your innermost dreams.
Passion cannot be defused.
Passion will pack that one bag, call that cab, and send you on the first flight outta here.

I just need to find my passion and figure out what means the most to me…

Don’t be surprised if I call your phone from another area code =)
SB: Don’t worry babe… I’m taking you with me
SB2: Once again, just venting... (maybe)


  1. Don't think about it just go. I miss my adventurous days when I would just pick u and go. I would be in Cali one weekend then Montreal, then Houston and be in class the next morning. I'm on a hiatus right now. But when little man gets big enough we r jet setting. He will have traveled and visited more countries by the age of 5 then most people have done in their lifetime. My Aunt always wanted to live in Cali. And now she feels that she missed her golden opportunity to do so b/c she has to take more things into consideration and the opposing forces . Now she visits as often as she can but there is nothing like being submerged in it everyday. Shoot, I'm happy to have my 3yr stint grown girl in nyc. I loved being fully submerged. Then Jersey sucked me back in.

    So I hope this encourages you to up and go and catch that flight.

  2. well i'm one of those ppl but have the school debt, lmao..planning my next move already and i'm not even done with my current adventure, :) sooo..see it can be exhausting but indeed worth it. So go for it. Carpe diem!

  3. I agree. Some days I just want to pack a bag and leave and see what I can do. Just experience a different life for once

  4. Jet Blue is have a special starting @ $39. Hop on the next plane outta here!