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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Year of the Underdog

So what your team didn’t make it to play in the Super Bowl yesterday =( You’ve got to admit, that was a great game! Great because two awesome quarterbacks (and a sexy Reggie Bush) went head to head, it was a damn good fight to the finish, and most importantly the underdogs prevailed. This is the year of the underdog!! This year all underdogs will be the cause of an upset. Like who, you ask? Glad you did:

Tom he’s gonna catch Jerry and that mean ol’ bulldog will not get in the way.

Chris there’s gonna be an episode that doesn’t end with the melody “Everybody haatteeesss Chrissssss”.

Ray J… he still can’t sing and after picking Mz. Berry, he will definitely need a season 3 (season 2 was kinda wack).

Baby mamas… not all, just the ones who are still trying to make a guy into a man and a father.

Middle children… got that Jan Brady syndrome.

Sitcoms… DORs …Death Of Reality shows.  Glad they still air Fresh Prince.

Derwin… if The Game comes back on the air, I hope poor Ding Dong gets it together.

Cablevision… won’t be suckered by any more networks acting like divas.

The bargain brand… commercials do the split screen and make the Name-Brand brand seem superior .. I’ve tried it, and you CANNOT wring out a Bounty paper towel.

Myspace… poor Tom… but let's all hope he can’t make a comeback.

Chris Brown… from top dog to straight DOG… this new underdog may never comeback from that (I do like that song he’s on for Juelz though)

Drake… yes Drake. Don’t seem surprised, he's the biggest underdog/star.  If this guy doesn’t get some stage presence, he will have to buy property in Wayne’s shadow.

Clothes that comfortably fit… super skinny jeans and spandex should die an awful death… it ain’t for everybody (or anybody, in my opinion).

Desktop PCs… if I drop my laptop one more time, I’m converting back.

Blue Ray Disks… they are trying hard but I don’t think people are feeling 'em (or is it just me?).

Land lines… the triple play deals are keeping these alive.

Real Hair… my bf told me today that all women are bald head (he was dead serious).

Obama… America thought they elected a magician… I just pray he makes it to a 2nd term.

Love people give this poor thing a bad name…

And the biggest underdog of all is Black people and we cause an upset every single day!!  Go Black people, Go Black people!!

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints… no I’m not a fan, though I did cheer them on yesterday and I did buy my bf a pair of Saints Crocs for Christmas =)

As a matter of Fact!!
February 8:
1894 - Congress repeals the Enforcement Act
1968 - Child star Gary Coleman was born
1986 - Oprah Winfrey becomes the first African American woman to host a nationally syndicated talk show.
2010 - Woke up feeling great from the awesome Super Bowl party Kyle threw and blogged about underdogs... oh and the Saints woke up being Super Bowl champions their first time to the Super Bowl!

Doritos® - Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Aired: Underdog


  1. Love the list.
    ...thought it was just me when it comes to the Blu-Ray hype!

  2. im i the only one who doesnt watch "the Game"