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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Always Loved Lemons

I really do make up the rules as I go...

This morning I woke up and nothing felt right.  I only finagled 4 hours or so of sleep. I found out some unknown person had signed for some priority mail of mine.  And the reality of some recent changes in my life had really sunken in... But with all those lemons, I not only made lemonade, I added a little Ciroc and made a LemonDrop too!!  All I know, by early afternoon, I was getting dressed to head out for a day of shooting in NYC.

The homie King, does it again...
King had a late lunch date in the city and invited me to tag along for another KING and "Landscape Jay" exclusive.  We followed our normal routine where we park in front of this unused driveway that we've labeled, "King's VIP Spot" and hopped on the path to WTC.  Once in the city, we made our way to Battery Park, with cameras drawn and trigger finger itching.  Here's what I shot:

Kids Hard At Work...


I love their "job"... and mine =)

And just when I thought my lemonade glass was empty, a few friends invited me over to take a 9pm dip in the pool.  A late night swim and some great conversation was the last thing I imagined when I woke up this morning.  Alas (who says ALAS lol), we ended the night getting all pruny in the hot tub.... ok I'm lying, that water was so damn hot, we hopped out moments before the chicken was falling off the bone... (insider) lol =)
Tomorrow's menu: Lemon meringue pie and a box of Lemonheads!!

*Big shout out to KP for the power of inspiration.  Besos!*


  1. i cant say that i'm not jealous... but in the same breath i say enjoy your lemon days may they last forever... :)

  2. I woke up today and more lemons Rey lol... lets see how this day plays out =)

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Sounds like a great day and ur pics are amazing, beauty captured in the simple things that we do :)

  4. Jariah, great shots, ONNNNN point sister soldier, keep the shoting up like sniper, i wish i could of made it there with y'all. Trust and believe I am there next time. ;-)