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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dare To Be Different

The universal "New Century's Resolution" of the 21th century was:

As soon as the 20th century ticked its last tocks, the world was on a rampage in search of any and everything outside the norm.  Reinvention was on the rise.  How to dress differently, how to style your hair differently, how to look, feel, act in such a way so far from "normal" (or the societal acceptance of norm) and label it DIFFERENT.  But if you think about it, different IS effortless.  You don't purchase it at the nearest vintage shop.  You don't double check it with your best friend for approval.  You don't combine it with the 5 latest trends and imagine you've embodied different.

You just show up.

The inspiration behind this idea are the people of the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn... where different is seeping through their pores. This area rocks with diversity, young people, and gentrification, with developing homes and stores emerging.  It's known for its hippie, artsy and musical culture as well.   Me and my brother from another "set of parents" were privileged to flick it up, though our eyes and minds did the most benefitting.  Enjoy.

My Dooney

Always on the phone

And then we decided to have a nude shoot...         
...Just kidding

This guy (below, not Doon lol) had numbers written on his arm, so, I asked what it meant.  He said "Oh that's the MTA bus number that almost hit me last week... I'm taking it to my lawyer, I'm about to get PAID!"  Then I realized he was a few tools short of a tool shed... but he looks like he could have played the Joker with that mouth...

Doon bought a single earring for me from this woman... She's been locking her hair for 3 years

He said he bought the little hat at Old Navy

She was just CHILLing OUT

He rode down the street and did an abrupt Uturn, maybe he left the stove on

She wears her heart on her back...

His, on his leg                                                             
both dangerous places if playing football

Found a Gorilla rocking out,

A kid moving bricks,

And an artist at work.

Lovers and Friends (the sign said so)

Found a female who just wasn't sure

And a male whom I'm sure isn't sure...

Exiting this extraordinary place, he flirted and winked...                                 
or is that just one eye??

And I bid my farewell to Williamsburg                               
PEACEK  UNT?? lol... wait a sec.

I believe if you're working hard to be different, you're already like everyone else.  EYEListen.


  1. Ur wrk is getting better each time. I look 4wd 2 more pics. I totally agree "I believe if you're working hard to be different, you're already like everyone else." I feel that if u are a not a follower than that makes u pretty different. Great Post!

  2. I come read your blog when you're not around. It makes me feel close.