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Friday, July 2, 2010

My Very Own Beach Chair

My physical’s a shell, so when I say farewell
My soul’ll find an even higher plain to dwell
So fly, you shall, so have no fear
Just know that life is but a beach chair...

I’m living this beach chair life style where life is purely about experience… The people I meet, the vibes we connect through, the conversations we share, the things and places we see. Drake has a song where he talks about living in the moment and not taking pictures to save it. Well I indulge in them both. Some days I shoot wit my cam, other days, my eyes.
I recently broke up with my boyfriend (sorry babe, I had to put it out there). Yet he is still a huge part of my world especially since he is the man that bought me my very best friend: my camera, Nik. He’s also one of my favorite muses. We just came back from Antigua celebrating the union of his best friend and his now wife. No pics of the actual union shared here… but I did capture vision, dream, and life like a beach chair…

I'm not afraid of dyin’, I’m afraid of not tryin’
Every day hit every wave like I’m Hawaiin...

Hov, how you get so fly?
I said from not bein afraid to fall out the sky...

This is Jay, everyday, no compromise
No compass comes with this life, just eyes... EYEListen.

All photos are raw footage... aside from cropping, there was no editing.  Antigua is truly rich in color and beautiful... =)


  1. Girl you never cease to inspire me. Every time I read your words or view the fruit of your new passion (your photos),its like a breath of fresh air. You are such a blessed person...know this!

  2. I do know and I am extremely humbled by God's grace... Thanks Eb, your spirit gives my the courage and motivation to share my experiences!

  3. J sorry to hear about the break up, but it seems like you are maintaining that positive energy which puts me at ease.. i wonder tho, have you any gained insights on relationships?

  4. Indeed Rey... i figured out that many women (maybe even guys) make a mold of what they want their relationship to be and then where it says "insert person" they expect to find someone who fits it perfectly. Well im learning to build from the ground up. As I've learned many years ago, relationships are privalages and we should embrace them for what they are, not condemn thenm for what they are not. Im on a Enjoy Life path and not expecting to visit by love again til loonnnnggggg down the road. Besides, my life plan has taken precedence!! Thanks for reading Rey, we'll be in touch =)