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Monday, August 23, 2010

Looks-Good-On-Paper Kind of Love

Baby I need that look good on paper kind of love.

The kind where ya resume is all you need to get this job. Where ya degree, your job experience and ya extra curricular activities are what I’m skimming for WITH references furnished upon request.

It’s looking even better if you have a 720 on ya math and verbal… and ya credit score!!

House… check… luxury car… check… oh wait, and your father invented the scooter??

Baby you are just what I’m looking for.

I love God… and you have TWO churches on your block, this MUST be fate.

Who knew I would find a man that plays basketball during the same year I start watching the NBA playoffs??

You eat vegetables, I love to garden. I love to travel, you collect model airplanes. You were meant for me!!

My mama saw your pic and she didn’t think you were the cutest, but after I ran down your credentials, she was sold. My auntie too. My uncles were hating because they think I can do better… but what’s better than a man with no kids! You got a 401k with no baby mama drama, baby, you’re a gold mine!

The stars even agreed. Geminis and aries are a match made in heaven.

I’m a Delta, you’re a Que… we call that Coleman Love.

I heard you like mini skirts, boo, I was a cheerleader!!

We even have the SAME initials… now I don’t believe in coincidence… so this gotta be love!! Yup… love… hmph, up until the honeymoon phase... fades…. Out… and SCENE!

Two years in, and now I can’t stand ya @$$... Were you always a jerk... did I miss something?? *BBM confused face*

This goes out to all the people who are/were in a relationship because it looked good on paper. And to all your friends/family who encouraged the relationship by saying “Girl, you don’t know what you got… I wish I could find a man with a job.”  Or, "Oh she cooks, you got yourself a winner!"  If in a pool of men, the best quality offered is a job and no kids, you need to swim to another pool.  Or if in a pool of women, her best offer is a meal, get your back stroke on!  Is anyone standing up for their standards, or simply standing on top of them (ground level)? When did we lose faith in that REAL love… (Tell em Mary J!) Not the kind of love that only happens to develop cuz you put up with a man or woman for mad years. Not the loyalty kind of love where you’re with your girl only because she was down for you when times were hard back when no one was there. Not the kind where you’re only together for the kids, or the house, or the two for one special at Fridays.

I don’t believe in that fairy tale kind of love… but I do believe in the love that puts a smile on my face when he walks in the door and a smile on his face when he sees my smile. The kind of love where the season premier for  uhhh I dunno (I don't watch TV lol)... for Entourage comes on TV and we both get excited. The kind of love where you do dishes not because I want you to do dishes but because you WANT to do dishes (c’mon who saw The Breakup with Jen Aniston and Vince Vaughn). Where everyday is a new adventure, where we’re working toward the same goal, in a world where things aren’t always all good… until I hear your voice. That’s the love I want…

No more arguing over a tattoo you told me not to get. Or beefing about you not calling me from another phone when yours went dead hours ago. No more compromising cuz you want to go right and I want to go left. Compromising is a resolution, not a daily chore. Opposites only attract when the two extremes are complementary. Not when we’re so completely different that I’m only interested in asking about your world and not really interested in being a part of it.  Show up at my house one day and let's randomly ride out to the City (NYC)... or I'll go get some Vanilla Haagen Daaz and we can sit on your porch.  Not everyday... but often enough that we learn each other, for real...

Is that too much to ask?

All at once now… Strike a match to that looks-good-on-paper kind of love… EYEListen.

*SB: now if he has a job, no kids, you have the same interests and he's hella fun to be around... you've got yourself a winner!  Does he have a brother ;-p


  1. It's like listening 2 myself lmao. Great Post! I don't have anything you've said it all.

  2. this is a good post, but my question is how long those relationships actual last. those relationships sound like the good ole days back in ancient time when ppl actual feel in love with one another and not for what that person have. maybe we all need to look in the mirror to see whats really important. sb* it is always nice to search for that doctor i ve been looking for all my life, maybe i can finally get that fast car too...lol

    by the way look out for our blog soon (me and rey) hahaha