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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Homophobia Sucks, Pause

What is a heterosexual male's biggest fear?  To be robbed at gunpoint in a dark alley...Nope.  To fall in love with a girl who's reputation is bursting at the seams leaking HOE everywhere... Ummm, nah!  To wake up from a drunken night tied to a bed surrounded by butt naked midgets with whips and whipped cream all chanting a sexy umpa lumpa ritual song... weird, but not that either...

Biggest Fear: Being confused as a homosexual man

Is homosexuality really that terrible?  Or better yet, is what other people think of you really that important?  I hate it when people swear on their unborn children and sometimes on their living children that some celebrity is UBER gay... ie, Kayne, Neyo, Diddy... but keep it real, they can, are and will get more girls than any of the gossipers will  ever dream of cuz no matter how gay we speculate them to be, their MONEY is straighter than Indian hair.  Find a better gossip, or better yet, retire from gossiping!  What they eat don't... you know how it goes...

I've had many grown men tell me they could deal with their sons being serial killers and ax murderers, but let that son of a gun turn out gay!  These fathers would blow, pause, their own heads off!  And speaking of pause... OHH EMM GEE... as a young whipper snapper recording songs off the radio, PAUSE was the absolute button of choice, as it never let me down!  Never in a million years would I have predicted it to be the absolute word of choice for the heterosexual man. 

1. You crazy for hating on Lebron going to the Heat... I like Bron Bron... PAUSE.
2. Ay yo my man, I'm tryna do this modeling thing, right, right... know where I can get some head shots.. PAUSE.
3. Shorty, this steak house is the truth... the meat just melts in my mouth... MEGA PAUSE.

Do you think Sebastian or Zachery or Bob or Jackson are pausing on the golf course or in their big executive meetings?  Do you think they're pausing to their FA's when they find out the returns on their investments is going to blow their minds?  Did Biggie pause when he told that girl she looked so good made him wanna suck on her daddy's.... you know the song...

Wish I could venture back to the mid nineties when I was recording Aaliyah songs off the radio, when I purchased my Harlem World cassette tape, when I had Immature posters on my wall courtesy of Right-On Magazine, when we were pop-locking on the kiddie skate floor at Skate 22, when our biggest and only fear was the rumor that Homie da Clown was murdering kids and we swore we saw him on top of the building out my 5th grade window... back then, no one was questioning your sexuality or who you were... no pressures to defend your identity, cuz you were too busy trying to create an identity.  Now we're so busy defending an image we're letting OTHERS dictate.  An image we have to live with.  An image that should reflect what we value and believe in.  Otherwise, we wouldn't be so excessively and obsessively self conscious with extreme insecurity issues... And maybe, just maybe, this whole gay/lesbian epidemic that seems to be happening would simmer down cuz all those who are indulging in it as a "fad" would abandon their deviant behavior!  How do you think the REBEL is born, he seeks what is feared and embraces it.  But that's another issue all together...

For the pausing man, believe me when I tell you, a five letter word DOES NOT void a seemingly gay statement you've made.  Besides, your walk and that soft voice 10 years past puberty is a dead giveaway!  Just kidding!  Seriously, if your confidence level outweighs your pausing, you would be able to stand here in a Speedo and be looked at like a fudge'in hero... (Kanye's a confident lyrical genius, gay or not)

Like Jadakiss said, a real man shouldn't have to say NO HOMO... EYEListen.



  1. Im a little upset right now, I have to type my comment all over! First off, Who wants a son who is homosexual? Honestly, I don't but at the end of the day I would be man enough and mature enough to except him and love him the same as if he were straight. Disappointed, of course but this is life and some of the things that come along with it. At the end of the day, this pause and no homo, comes from the fellas that has not matured. When I was like 16 I had a problem with homosexual men, but as I grew up it was just their way of living and I had nothing to do with their preference. Each person is their own individual and make their own decisions, their happiness is all that really matters. The truth is, the guys who make such big deals about it are problably on the "DL" lol. SHAKING MY HEAD... Pause! Get That Bullshit outta here... Dacourtmasta23 on Youtube. Check me out subscribe.. Website Comming Soon.. LOve You Miss Baker

  2. Thanks for your comment A-Hi!! You make an excellent point! It's all about maturity!! We all have to embrace individualism... it's what makes people and life that much more interesting... besides, good thing you have a daughter ;-)

  3. This post was great. I read it last week and then I just shared it with a co-worker who started telling me how her son is killing her with the "Pause!" and the "No homo" after everything he says! LOL. Your blog is always relevant!

  4. Thanks for reading Eb... yes, the pausing is soo over the top now... drives me crazy... but dont judge me, cuz i indulge in the use of the word myself LOL smh