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Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Tell Tale Signs: She thinks you're her man

Some girls don’t know where to draw the friendship line with her girl friends. If we are close heterosexual girlfriends, why do I feel relationship pressures like I’m your man?? I am not your man!!
Where was I??
How come I didn’t answer your calls??
How come we don’t hang out like we used to??

This is when you have to tell her, “Girlfriend, I think we need some time apart…”

These are the 10 tell tale signs to tell if your girl friend thinks she’s really your GIRLFRIEND.

Tell Tale 1: If you just got off the phone with her, you go to take a shower, and you get back to your phone to see 12 missed calls from her, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 2: If you do finally call her back and the first thing out here mouth is “Well, where were you?” Ok, not so bad. But if you tell her you ran to take a shower and she doesn’t believe you, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 3: If you are at a party and you buy a drink or if someone buys you a drink and she wants to know where hers is, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 4: If you tell her you two will hang out and watch movies on Friday but unexpectedly a guy wants to take you out. And when you casually postpone girl’s night in for the next night and she starts whining, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 5: If you two are arguing and can’t seem to find a resolution and she yells out, “It’s OVER,” she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 6: If she keeps hitting you with guilt trips because you haven’t hung out in a while, and now every time you miss her calls, she’s wondering how you magically didn’t hear your phone ringing, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 7: If she picks up on the fact that you have intentionally avoided her last few calls and she starts calling you from a blocked number or someone else’s phone, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 8: If you can’t plan to do anything without including her, no going to the mall without her, no going on trips without her, you can’t even go to Walmart without her… she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 9: If she’s trying to win you over by picking up after you, wanting to cook for you and even suggesting doing your laundry, she thinks you’re her man.

Tell Tale 10: And the last and final tell tale sign is, if she sees you out with a guy when you told her you were hanging out with Keisha and them and she walks over and slaps the guy in the face and throws her drink on you, that psycho chic thought you were her man! LOL

You don’t need a list to determine if your girl friends got it a bit twisted. You’ll know it if she is using you as a supplement because she hasn’t had a man in a minute and she’s just yearning for that sort of companionship. But enough is enough.  If you’re kind of fed up and you need a way out, just follow the latest trend and break up with her ass on facebook.

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