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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Knock it off: Say NO to Knock Offs

What is it about the fashion industry that has us so brain washed and desperate? Why do we want to pretend we can afford what is monetarily out of our reach? Cutting to the chase, why the hell do people rock knock offs??

Knock off are replicas, imitations, boot-leg versions of an actual product. It usually costs a 10th of the “real” product and is hardly manufactured with the same craftsmanship. Knock offs come in a plastic shopping bag while the real product is gift wrapped in a box. Knock offs are purchased in dark alleys or on Canal Street from ya main man Lee while the real thing is found in department stores or on Fifth Avenue from a suave guy named Sebastian.  Knock offs are a piece of shit, straight up and down. Yet more and more people purchase them and rock them hoping no one will notice. Well guess what, you’ve been noticed. How, you may wonder?? Glad you asked. There are 3 simple ways to tell if someone is rocking a knock off. Well really 4 but who is really gonna flip it to the inside where it says made by Knock Off & Co.

Knock Off Approved #1. It looks cheesy and plastic: You do realize you pay for what you get. It’s a disposable product, after one wear, you might as well toss it.  Otherwise by wear number 2, the wear and tear is showing through.

Knock Off Approved #2. You’re at the bus stop: C’mon, no one is paying that type of money to be standing at a bus stop in the middle of the hood where the goons are on the prowl. And unless that bus is headed to ya job in NYC, it’s not likely your product is real.

Knock Off Approved #3. The rest of your outfit is pretty damn cheap: If your outfit was purchased Downtown, Irvington Center or Rainbow, your knock off is gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Your kicks can’t be run down, ya jacket can’t be dirty and your style can’t be wack if you really expect people to believe in that knock off.  You need to knock it off...

So be weary because we’re on to you. And if you noticed, I haven’t specified the gender by which this stuff is worn. That’s because knock offs aren’t gender specific. Lately, I’ve been noticing knock off Gucci men’s belts. And though you can get away with rocking 30 dollar Levis and still look cool, and every dude in the hood got at least one pair of multi-purpose Pradas (Multi-purpose Pradas: worn to the gym, to work and to the club all in the same day), the dirty finger nails and ya swag, or lack there of, lets me know you’re a fraud. Name brand clothing isn’t a label; it’s a style, an attitude, a way of life.

So please, do me a favor and refrain from rocking knock offs. It’s ok if a thousand dollar purchase isn’t in your budget. Knock offs shouldn’t be in ya vocab. And the only thing worst than a knock off is the almost versions of the knock offs. (like Fendi but the F’s are really L’s or how Guess got their own rendition of Gucci kicks… hilarious)

SB: Overly expensive name brand clothing should be for the wealthy, not those of us who are nickel and diming to keep up with the hype. EYEListen.


  1. harsh... i must comment on one thing... "how Guess got their own rendition of Gucci kicks"... that's not the fault of the unlucky who cant afford the real Gucci... if all s/he has available to them that they can afford are "renditions", is that really hilarious?? are they really to blame?? why don't you blame designers like Guess who obviously are starting to lack originality??

    Just because a man is poor, doesn't mean his style should be poor too!! A person's style is really a reflection of how they feel. So even though I don't make beau-coup money, I can still feel like a million bucks and dress the part!!

    Not that i personally condone any kind of knock-off!!

  2. Hilarious was directed at Guess. Not the consumer. And if ur style is the reflection of how u feel, rocking knock-off isn't fooling anyone but yaself. Buying knock-offs isnt suiting anything but the fact that ur trying to look like everyone else. Looking the part isn't pretending to look like u got big doe but looking like u got your own style that suites ya pockets and ya fancy (no pun intended). That's all I'm saying...

    Thanks 4 ya comment!! Oh and I kno u don't rock nothing but that new new =)