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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Need a clean slate?? Get a new number!!

Ok I’ll admit it. I’ve had maybe a dozen cell phone numbers over the past 4 years. And I wish my excuse could be as easy as me switching services… ehhhh, repeatedly. But with services letting you keep your number, I’m busted!! So I’d like to define my incessant number switching as psychological and emotional detachment. First of all, I’m a Gemini and Geminis are probably the most fickle of any zodiac sign. We lose interest quickly (A.D.D?) and we’re always looking for a good time (fun fiends). So when I find a prospect that can hold my attention, I wear my heart on my sleeve like it’s the latest fashion. Mistake number 1!!

So I was dating this guy. We knew each other and randomly hooked up. Then we jumped into high gear and were inseparable. Things were going smoothly until he started acting a little peculiar.  The calls became a bit infrequent and the visits simmered down to a light boil (cooking reference as if I cook lol). So I made my infamous call to Sprint, and changed my number. What does this solve? Glad you asked. Ever stress over a boo and you check your phone every 5 minutes to see if you missed his call.  Not me!! Or every time you return from the bathroom, you check your phone because you thought you heard something while on the john. Not me!! You ever get tempted to cave in and make the first call knowing he’s not going to answer and you switch into psycho mode and start blowing up his phone. Not me!! You ever sit around wishing and hoping he’s thinking about you as much as you are thinking about him. Not me again!! I become psychologically and emotionally detached. I don’t call him (will power), he can’t call me and I just assume he’s got to be thinking about me. Period. To finish the story from above, he ended up calling a mutual friend and making up a bogus story to need my number. That loyal friend didn’t give me up before calling me to check with me first. Automatically I win!!

Scenario numero dos: I was kicking it with this guy who’s fresh back to Jersey from college out of state. We date casually and I insisted I should be his girl lol. He relented but I guess he was suspicious of my motives. Meanwhile, I’m being a good “GF”. One day he gave me wayyy too much attitude and I felt I wasn’t being appreciated. Slammed that phone down and didn’t pick it up again until I decided to press *2. Hello Sprint? Yes… you know the procedure. Uhhh I don’t like that digit arrangement, got anything else? Great!! A couple days later I get the “tail between the legs” message on facebook. Automatically I win!! LOL. It got to a point where it was all a game and I don’t feel the least bit juvenile about it. =)

All jokes aside everybody needs a clean slate. Relationships, no matter the extent, form some degree of emotional dependency. And breaking up is hard enough. Why not take the easy, or rather easier, route? Many people have the same number since high school. And you’re still making up stories to ya GF or BF as to why you keep getting calls from blocked numbers at 3am. Or you’re worried about how ya 2nd grade best friend will reach you if you change your number. Get over it! That’s why there’s facebook and myspace. If someone can’t find you, maybe there’s a reason. So at the close of this post, immediately call your service provider and get a new number. At least you won’t have to worry about mass text party promotions.


  1. i most certainly resonate with you on this one... hahaha... i change my number every season ;)

  2. Was never into the number changing. But I did do the number blocking. Didn't work as well you still could receive text. Lol

  3. I see you went back and threw a
    "sista" up here...lol