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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ladies who buy thier own drinks, and HIS too

Can I buy you a drink? Then maybe I can take you home with me…

I'd be rich if I could get back all the money I've spent buying guys drinks... an exaggeration of course but I could at least buy a pair of shoes wit that money spent! Bottom line, I know how to be the aggressor. I know how to walk into a club, before 11 (where most clubs are free... leaving more money for food or drinks), sit at the bar and purchase my own drink. No scanning the bar to locate some poor sap I can lure into purchasing it for me. Funny thing, many times, a guy is so turned on by you purchasing your own drink, he might even walk over and pay the tab for you... but that’s neither here nor there, let’s focus...

Ladies, have you ever bought a guy a drink? Flat out ,walked over to a handsome gentleman and said to him coyly, "I find you rather attractive and I am interested in buying you a drink." Mind blowing, I know. But imagine the rush that man would get at your assertiveness and forwardness. He might just pull a ring out and marry you on the dance floor while the DJ plays the “Here comes the bride” remix; the bartenders would be your brides maids... ok ok I’m going in, but you get my drift. Men love that kind of attention and it alleviates the pressure of approaching you and risking rejection. Everybody swears you can’t find wifey or hubby in the club and for the most part, they're right. But depending on how you meet a guy and that first impression, a good guy can be met anywhere, including the club. Now if you’re in there droppin’ it like its hot and some random sport dances up on you, obviously, he’s not looking for the classy type. But if you’re sitting at the bar and you notice a fly guy at the other end of it sipping a beer, lying back from the crowd just observing, chances are, he’s not a frequent party-goer. He probably got dragged out to celebrate a co-workers birthday and at any minute, he'll be out the door. So you sashay over, hopefully not dressed too provocatively (naked in the club screams J.O.) and u say, "Can I buy you a drink?"

SB: Rejection sucks at the DMV, it sucks when you file a court appeal, and it really sucks at the financial aid office. But if a guy rejects you, who cares? It’s not like you jumped out the window with no parachute. Because if you check the other end of the bar, there’s a truckload more opportunities... dime a truckload, ladies, dime a truckload... EYEListen


  1. Girl i tried to do that buy a drink for a guy thing and it got me nowhere but im not gonna give up....lol...

  2. Yeah not all men are receptive to the gesture... probably because he didn't even understand what was happening. I guarentee you when he went home that night he realized and shot himself in the foot lol.
    And never take it as a loss, jus stick to buying beers until you get a guy who takes the bait.. beers are much cheaper =)

    Thanks for your comment!