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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No More Mass Messaging!!

After reading this post copy and paste it into a new email message and forward to 13 of your friends, not family, FRIENDS and in 27 hours you will be granted 12 wishes. But if you fail to complete this, you will be cursed by 88 demons who will follow you around for 49 seconds.
And while some of you are actually opening your aol, yahoo and gmail accounts, the rest of you are as frustrated as I am about forwarded mass messages.

“Hottest party of the century is tonight at Hottest lounge where all the hottest men and women mingle to the hottest music by the hottest dj. Doors open at 10. Free til 10:15 on the guest list if your wearing purple and bouncing on one leg. 50 dollars afterwards. Tell a friend to tell a friend, you won't want to miss this.” Ggggggggrrrrrrrr. Party promotions have gone from informative blurbs of entertainment to downright pains in the ass.

That’s it!! I'm starting a campaign to boycott forwarded mass messages. I'm calling the No Forward hotline and adding my number and email addy to the lists of those who can't be subject to mass messages. I will edit my settings and if a message was sent to more than 5 people, my information drops off inconspicuously. None of this is factual but imagine how awesome it all would be.

If half the world checked the credibility of most email messages before sending them on to their entire address book, emailing would decrease by half its activity. One quick snopes.com search will determine the credibility of practically every made up, overly exaggerated, false rendition of laws, tips, and scams clogging the internet pipeline. People, overcome your ridiculous superstitions and get a hold of yourselves. If God would condemn you to hell for failure to forward a message in 4 seconds, you just don’t know your God.

Bottom line, no more forwarding… the $h!t is annoying!!


  1. I feel you on this. I hate mass messages, forwarded emails, you will be robbed in 5mins if you don't send this to 10 people,Pimp slapped if you only send it to 5. I feel like I've been robbed of my sanity. That's probably why I stop hearing from people when I text back, "Stop sending me this Sh*T." I wonder if it hurts their feelings?