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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Watch out for the Big Girls, Whooooooooooooo

Ladies, I have a bit of tough love to offer where health is at risk.  And I want us all to recognize that losing weight is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Your man keeps eyeing the cute little waitress with her slim waist; You keep calling all slim chics, "skinny b*tches" who you cant stand; Some random two year old points at you in your favorite purple shirt and yells “Barney!” Enough is enough. Being a full figured woman and being overweight are NOT the same. Screaming, "Oh my baby likes em thick" while grabbing a chunk of stomach is not cute... it’s unhealthy. Being proud of who you are and how you look is not a trade off for eating what you want and not taking care of your mental and physical well being. Ever wonder why those same slim chics that you bash are jogging round the park or have a consistent workout regimen... no they are not trying to be cute... they ARE worried bout a few other "c" words: cholesterol, calories and cardiac arrest. I’m no expert, by any means, but I do take pride in keeping my weight at a moderate level (though a few more sit-ups are in order). Here are a few ideas:

1. Replace sugar laced drinks with drinking water instead. Stop opting for soda or 10% juice. Ever saw an overweight cave man? That’s because there were no money hungry manufacturers making money off your sugar addictions. Matter of fact, before you continue reading, go get a bottle of water. I’ll wait…

2. All hydrated?? Okay, let’s proceed. Yes we all love our fried foods. Fried chicken, french fries and every other grease saturated belly filler. But does grease have to drip down our hand for us to enjoy a meal. Let’s try eating grilled or baked foods. Food preparation is the distinction between a heart attack and a healthy life.

3. 3 simple words. NO FAST FOOD.

4. Get off your tush. Lose your remote control on purpose. Take stairs instead of elevators. Walk to the store. Chase your kids around the park. And if you’re really feeling dangerous, join a gym... oh no not the "g" word... yes the GYM. You might even find a hottie willing to help you work off a few pounds... there’s some incentive ;-) lol

5. REPLACEMENT: whole wheat pasta instead of dry pasta, turkey instead of red meat or pork, snack on fruit instead of chips, have sex on top instead of taking it easy on your back... you and him will b thanking me later

Obesity in America has sky-rocketed tremendously. So let's do our part... if not for the greater good of this nation, let's do it for the greater good of our own happiness. We deserve it!!

SB: according to health.com the best way to lose weight is to exercise regularly and stick to a diet that limits saturated fat and sugars and emphasizes fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish, and whole grains.

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