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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Together Forever??

Relationships are willful, intentional bonding between people. We initiate them, we drive and steer them and best of all, we determine the end. They are privileges at its best. No one is born as an inheritor of one nor will we leave this place carrying one under our tongues to pay passageway to the underworld. Therefore, why be involved with someone, you simply don’t want to be with or can’t manage to survive together with. Fear she will be with someone else? Fear that he might treat a girl the way you’ve been teaching him to treat you for years? The illusive comfort zone? I would imagine my comfort zone to be a happy place where I can kick back and enjoy life. Life with a man that doesn’t treat me how I want to be treated isn’t my idea of comfortable. Years invested? Shit, a job will fire you after a decade of work if the company isn’t benefiting from your contributions. Apples to oranges?? No, think of a relationship like a job; you show up to perform and they pay you… it’s a give and take where both parties benefit. If your job stops paying, will you show up? If you stop performing, will a pink slip not gleam from your cube? Now a major difference between a job and a relationship is the fact that you have bills to pay. So before you quit, make sure you have a job lined up. Lack of a new boo shouldn’t be your excuse for not leaving the current one. Back to that illusive comfort zone, there’s that fear of loneliness. You love the fact that at the end of the day, you have a warm body to go home to and you dread the day when you get into an empty bed. If so, escape now!! Tell baby that things aren’t working out and bounce. Feeling hopeful? Think things will change… well let me give you some tell tale signs.

1. You don’t pay each other any attention until you realize someone else is

2. You’re happy until he/she walks in the room. Then you have an instant attitude.

3. A simple question is interpreted as an accusation. GF:”So you went to your boy’s house?” BF:”You always think I’m lying”

4. You’d do a favor for someone with a happy heart but let your boo ask for the same exact thing and you answer with a resentful NO!

5. Seeing them sad or hurt simply does not bother you in the least bit.

Really the list can go on and every aimless relationship has a different indication. You be the judge. You have to sacrifice a lot in a relationship when you’re having rough times. But your own happiness isn’t something to compromise. EYEListen.


  1. enjoyed the read and, for the most part, i agree with many of the sentiments you examined.

    relationships do require sacrifice on both parties behalf.

  2. In my opinion, in a relationship there's a struggle to balance what you want along with the other person wants and personally I try to avoid any struggles in life :) ... i wrote something a while back describing why relationship as we know it today should be eliminated... check it out here: http://reyshizz.com/home/reyshizz-on-relationships/