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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What to buy those Special SomeOnes

I'm no expert but I do like to think of myself as a great gift giver. So here's a few ideas on what to buy all the special people for this year's holiday season.

The Sentimental Girlfriend: Get her a messenger bag with different messages in each pocket leading to a different pocket, sorta like a scavenger hunt. The last pocket should hold something special. It doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive gift but if ya pockets are right, a good idea would be jewelry: maybe a necklace or some studs. If not, it could be a CD of all her favorite love songs or it could be a picture of you two on your first date. Just make it something that will make her say awwww or wow!!

The Gift Deprived Boyfriend: Guys sometimes like sentiment but they would much rather opt out for hi-tech and expensive.  So if there's something out there that he really wants, now is the time to get it. Guys often feel cheated when gift giving holidays approach. So get him that flat screen he wants, that ping pong table you know he loves to play, or a PS3 because he keeps going to his boys house to play, leaving you home bored. Or even try to be creative with it. My bf had this picture on his phone of a painting that he loved. Since I have a frat brother that does fantastic art work, I hired him to paint this loved picture on a huge canvas. 

Needless to say, my bf looked like we all did in the early 90s when we got our Nintendo game system. Bottom line its important to know your guy, know what he likes, and have enough change saved up to go all out.

The Affectionate Mom: Depending on the relationship you have with your mom, she would probably love a gift you both can share, where you can spend time together. Ladies get her a spa certificate or plan a weekend getaway. Fellas get her tickets to see Lion King or The Color Purple (it's at NJPAC in early/mid Dec). And make it an experience she will love and remember. Or if your mom is more pratical, get her things she can use in her home, a foot spa, dinnerware, cookware, kitchen stools, ya know, the useful stuff.

The Has-Everything Grandmother: I talked to my homegirl and we agreed that Grandma is probably one of the hardest people to give a gift. My grandmother has EVERYTHING. She is a go getta, so if there's anything she wants, she'll go buy it herself. So I have often opted for the everyday useful gift with her, a comfy sweatsuit or some comfy shoes.  But to finally switch it up, one year I got her a basket full of the essentials, smell goods, soaps, the everyday items. And not the store bought baskets that come cellophane wrapped already. Buy a basket, buy the wrap and buy the products. It shows effort and time. (And its not a pocket breaker, by any means)

Dad: uhhhhh yeah. I can't front, never bought anything for one of these.  But when I was younger, I remember buying santa a wallet. So maybe dads like that too??  On to the next one...

Your Ride or Die Best friend: This is probably the easiest gift for us ladies. You know where she shops, you know what she needs, you know what she loves. Get her that new Rhianna or Robin Thicke CD (Rhianna jus dropped today and Robin Thicke hits the shelves on Dec 15), Viktor and Rolf: Flowerbomb (one of my favs), "The Game" Season 1 on DVD, a cute handbag or clutch, a charm bracelet, or take her to the tatoo parlor and get matching friendship tats. The list is crazy long and you really can't miss. Fellas, yall don't even buy gifts for the next man lol. But in case you owe him one, get him a wii remote or a wireless playstation remote, a new fitted, the 50 Cent album, or madden 2k10 ... ok, yeah right, he already got it, I know. To maintain your "thug", don't wrap it, leave it in the plastic bag you purchased it in and leave the receipt inside.  For those expensive friendships, get some concert tix. FYI - Jay-Z will be at the Izod Center the first weekend in March.

'Tis the season to be jolly. If money aint funny, go all out on the people you love. If it is a little funny make sure to at least call everyone and tell them you love them =)

Let me know if you have some other dope gift giving ideas.

Happy holidays everyone... I'm a sucka for this season =)

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  1. I'm thinking of getting my dad a BluRay player this year. But a wallet sounds more tempting. LOL

  2. That's a great idea Kellz.. I may even look for a father figure to buy that for lol

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment!!