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Monday, November 23, 2009

'Tis the Season for Spending: Time, Effort and a little bit of Doe

Let’s do it a little different this week.  With the holiday season hastily approaching, let’s decide on a few action points:

1. Focus on spending time with the ones you love
2. Go out to lend a hand to those in need
3. Hop on those Black Friday deals (online or in-store)

Spending time with family is so very important regardless of how dysfunctional they can be sometimes.  It’s a blessing to have them.  So dust off the digital camera, get dressed up in your Sundays best (even if your best is some sweats) and house crash all your loved ones this Thanksgiving.  Or if dinner is at big mommas, swing by there early and spend the whole day there.

Every party promoter in the world is looking at this week as prime party throwing season.  Hoping every who's home for the holidays will choose their festivity as the party of choice.  But instead of capitalizing on this holiday, why not be thankful for it and give.  This Thursday, my great friend Ladun Thompson and a bunch of crews he’s down with (Alleyesonwho.com//Syndicated Clothing //StreetWearCouture //Weirdoz Ownli//Dream Ent.//Citrus City//E-Marsh and more) will be at Military Park downtown Newark to feed the hungry.  Check him out on facebook for details.  We easily become complacent and begin to take things for granted, so why not show appreciation by giving to those less fortunate, either with Ladun and his crew or find your own community event to contribute to.  So if you can afford an hour or so away from the fam, step out and make a difference.

On to some gift giving.  Check out these two sites I visit daily: dealsea.com and dealnews.com.  You’ll find an assortment of merchandise from electronics to designer apparel.  These sites take a compilation of deals from internet sites and in store deals and display them for your convenience.  I can’t tell you how many millions I spend here regularly (not literally, but spending like a millionaire is relative, right?? Lol).  Also check out black-friday.net if you feel like standing out on those long lines at the crack of dawn.  Needless to say, I'll be doing my holiday shopping online.  Let me know know if you got any dope sites to share.

Happy Holidays everyone... I'm a sucka for this season =)


  1. I'm not one to be out in the cold waiting on lines @ the crack of dawn, so I do a lot of shopping online on Cyber-Monday. The deals can be just as good as those BlackFriday deals minus the cold and lines (and this time of year free shipping is offered EVERYWHERE).

  2. You are sooo right... due to my injury, I did all my xmas shopping on-line. Founds lots of great deals and of course free shipping =)

    Thanks for your comment!!