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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why You So Mad?

Is it just me or does every woman you meet have an attitude? I'm not saying that a woman has to be engaged in anything that she does not want to, but where did the mean streak come from?

Her: “N*gga, I ain't got no phone”
Me: Bitch, it's 2009! My great great grand mammy has a phone, is what I'm thinking.

Her: “Tell me something, where ya boss at?” lol
Me: Beyonce makes 60 million dollars a year, do you even make 60 thousand, is what I'm thinking.

Her: “I don't speak English”
Me: “Did you just tell me you don't speak English, in English!?!? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORD BITCH, is what I asked her. And she wanted to say something back, but then it would blow her cover. Oh what about the big ass fake engagement ring you point to on the wrong finger. Not only is that diamond fake as hell but you have it on the wrong hand. Oh oh oh and what about….

Okay I can go on for hours but I'll just stop here. Women rarely ever have to approach a guy and face rejection. That’s a man’s world. We walk into the lion's den of dancing females just to get our feelings hurt when the lady we would like to dance with turns her back on us, and two-steps back into the huddle of her giggling girlfriends. It's almost like a game for them. Two points for Stacey!! I wonder are they really keeping score on me as I walk away with my chin held high, though, holding my gun wound. (Oh fellas my crew calls this getting shot… short for getting shot down) Where has all the humility gone? What ever happened to “No thank you, I'm not interested?” Ladies, you got your hair and nails done, and then you got dressed up in some of the sexiest shit I've ever seen only to act like I'm Adolf Hitler and you’re Jewish. Ladies, all I want to know is, “Why you so mad?”

Meet the guest author: Kyle

Kyle is a Newark Fireman, home owner, and jack of all trades.  From sports to writing, art lover to handy man, this is a busy guy. New to blogging but maybe we'll hear more from him soon.

Thanks baby ♥

1 comment:

  1. i don't know why other women are mad, but i'll tell you about my own experience... when i politely reject a fella, he politely persists, then thats when i have to pull the guns out aka "the attitude"... there are some very annoying fellas out there who will not give up unless they "get shot"

    so maybe we women just figure we can cut to the chase!!