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Monday, December 7, 2009

No More Pouty Men at the Mall

Ladies do ya man a favor and go to the mall without him.

Asking your boo to accompany you to the mall is like your mom asking you as a child to make your own dentist appointment, pay for the copay, and follow up with all the future visits.  Forget about it!!  As soon as you saw the postcard with the devilishly smiling toothbrushes, you were ripping up the evidence and flushing it down the toilet.  But hopeless boyfriends and husbands of the world aren't lucky enough to get postcard sized reminders of the big day when his woman wants to spend the whole damn day at the mall.

I just got off the phone with my homegirl who just knew she had a story to tell where I would be taking her side.
Homegirl:  Jay, tell me why I just came to the mall with Q and as soon as we get here he told me, ok, let's meet back up, right here, in like an hour.  Can you believe this wack shit?
Me:  Ummm yeah I can believe it... and now that I know, I'ma do the same thing the next time you and I go to the mall!!

Girls can be a pain in the rear at the mall.  They, I mean we (but I'll continue to say they, cuz I'm not that bad), they go in all the "girly" stores with the beaming, hot lights and want to try everything on that isn't their size but they are hoping this store runs small.  Have you ever been to Marciano's in Garden State Plaza Mall??  That store only has 4 dressing rooms!!  4 dressings rooms??  Un-freakin-believable!!  I was there a couple weeks ago with above mentioned homegirl and spent like an hour just waiting for her to get a room.  So, I can't blame a man who will leave a note on one of the waiting chairs saying, "Boo, this is for the birds... call me and I'll come back and pick you up..."

Ladies, just have some consideration.  If you want your boo to go with you to the mall, focus on going into the unisex stores more than the female only stores.  And if Forever 21 has something that catches your eye but you need to try it on or the checkout lines are too long, buy it when you're at the mall alone or with your girls.  I can guarantee you, that shirt isn't going anywhere or there are at least 3 other Forevers that you frequent that will have it.  You've got to make this a balanced mall experience.  Go into GameStop and Men's Foot Locker.  Or maybe even wild out and buy him something when he's not looking and as soon as he gets the pouty face cuz he's ready to go, spring it on him to shut him up real quick lol.

No more do I want to see men huddled in some waiting area with tons of stripped pink or neon yellow shopping bags, purses and crying kids while you're taking your sweet time inching down every rack in the stores.  Spare him and save ya 5 hour mall venture for your similarly addicted shop-a-holic girl friends.  Or face your addiction all by your grown up selves!! lol

Fellas, I take thank you's in the form of gift cards =)


  1. Now I know that's right! Shucks I'm a girly girl too but even I hate shoppin with a galpal that doesnt know how to K.I.M. when we get to the mall. I say if you love the clothes so much, buy them and return it later if it doesn't fit. Those fitting room lines can be a deal breaker! 2 thumbs up!

  2. i totally agree with that kyssnsmile!! I am quick to buy something just to avoid the hassle of having to undress and get dressed again... just try it on in the comfort of ya own home!!

    Thanks for your comment!!

    ps... i love ya energy and verbage (i.e. galpal, deal breaker) I got a blog coming soon bout dealbreakers when dating... stay tuned =)

  3. This has to be the best thing ever blogged! I want to cry im so happy lol

  4. Funny u just made my day. I have a one track mind when I go shopping I can't spend three or four ours of my day at the mall with a female companion.

  5. Too funny. And oh so truthful. I admit there are times where I enjoy kicking it at the malls and shopping with my girl, but those times are few compared to the times where I be like, "Ain't no way."