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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Call Me Something Else

Bad Girl's Club is OFF THE HOOK!! These girls are the worst bunch of chics forced into a huge house to argue, bicker, drink, scream and most of all... call each other b*tches. When they are angry, they scream b*tch... when they are having fun, they drunkenly laugh b*tch... when they are civil, they smile b*tch... I've never heard of a more universal use of a word to psychologically subjugate another person... And to be honest with you, I don't condone the use of it, simple because... I damn sure aint nobody's bitch I prefer not to be called b*tch!!

Why is that we embrace words that are intended to denigrate our characters? I mean c'mon, the power behind words gives a person power over us... but only... ONLY if we comply. Ok wait, before I head down the road of double standards and desensitization, I want to let you know: I'm heading down that road. Ready or not... I resent sounding "preachy" or "self-righteous" especially over an issue that has been dissected time and time again. We've all heard the, blacks can say "n*gga" and all non-blacks better stand clear of the word and how we have managed to take a dehumanizing word and turn it into a term of endearment. Is it because we've ignored history or are we just that ignorant?? I mean really, NO ONE can justify why we continue to use it and manage to sound educated. So, for me, the same goes with b*tch!!

My girls are not my b*tches. I don't forward that obnoxious text message begging to be sent to all my b*tches who are my ride or die b*tches who will do anything including kill for her b*tches. And most of all, I don't run around screaming, "I'm the baddest b*tch." It's all ridiculous!! Right here is where I should be incorporating examples of prestigious people who are far too educated to stoop to such a level. But this isn't a status or social class thing. This is a respect thing. I have a man as a best friend, I like to be petted/pampered, I go running to the door when my boo comes home... but I am far from a female dog!!

In the words of Caliente on For the Love of Ray J... I'm just keeping it "one hunn-dred" when I say, accepting being called b*tch and calling ya girls b*tches is wiggity-wack!! It's a far cry from cute and screams immaturity. Just my opinion. *Shrugs*. EYEListen

SB: Who remembers this:
A b*tch is a female dog, a female dog can bark, bark is a part of tree, trees are a part of nature, nature is beautiful so get the hell outta here.
SB1+1: I love Pac for this one...


  1. I feel you sis. I hate when I here girls refer to themselves as bitches and I hate that men feel then need to the call these females bitches. I personally feel like if thats your status I've got no rap 4 u. Women say that to make themselves feel as if they are in control when the refer to theirselves a bitches. It's classless and I'm glad another female had something educated to say about it. Great post!

  2. GUILTY!...but i'll try to work on that homie :o(

  3. One word... Exactly! 3 Thumbs up. (I borrowed someone else's. Lol.)

  4. I can honestly see what Shakur meant by the lyrics in this song. Not all women, of course not, but there are SOME women who perfectly define (society's definition of) the word itself....Trust.