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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Just Another Day (2010 Edition)

Yup… so it’s TwentyTen… new year, new decade. And sorry if the title of this post seems a bit dismal… but let’s be real, it’s just another day. Yes, I know that throws a wrench in your intentions, in your goals, because at the start of every new year, you have this magical list drawn and all the pixie dust needed to get them executed. Wait, my bad, not magical list… you know them best when called, RESOLUTIONS… ahhh yes, resolutions, a list of all the changes you’ll be making and all you needed to solidify the change was that 12,00 pound, glowing ball to drop while you counted down to 1. And at the stroke of midnight, you became less of a procrastinator, more of a go-getter, less self-centered, more dependable, less of what’s not needed and more of what’s needed to live a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life. (This is when I cough and say “bullshit” simultaneously, please use your vivacious imaginations lol)

The other day I read my homegirl’s fb status and she alluded to the fact that she will not wait for the new year to begin to change. No use in putting off until tomorrow what can be done today.  Old cliché, yes, but still very valid and prevalent. (Thanks Denise). So all of you, all of us, who were putting off til today to push those resolutions into high gear, today is here, the new year is here… this just another day is here. Write out a list of short term and long term goals. Even throw a couple things on that list that you’ve recently completed, just to have a sense of accomplishment since you can go ahead and check them off right away. (It’s something about seeing those check marks that drives people wild). But let’s not look at this list like it’s our magical list. Let’s make it as realistic as possible. We’ll replace the expression "New Year’s Resolutions" with "Just Another Day Realistics" (I know, I know, “realistics” isn’t grammatically correct in the plural form but I did it for theatrics).  If you've been a pain in the ass or had a bad attitude all your life, let's not pretend to be a saint in 2010.  But do commit to having a better outlook on life one day at a time.  If you've lived from check to check don't make believe all your bills will understand and disappear for the sake of you having a healthy bank account.  But everyday toss a few bucks into a jug that you physically can't dip into.  If you got kids and can't stop party hopping because Aroma is poppin' on Thursday, Prana on Friday and 501 on Saturday... ummm maybe quiting cold turkey is pretty realistic AND highly advocated.  I'm sure you get my drift...

My only realistic goal for this year is to finish everything I start. “We rate ability in men by what they finish, not by what they attempt.” Get a goal, find a quote to use as a constant reminder and live by it. I just did.

Happy Just Another Day!!


  1. I love it J!I was careful not to utter one crappy line of bs this year myself because I'm sure most of last years lines are still unfulfilled. lol. Hapy Just Another Day to you too!

  2. I couldn't agree wit u more. Great post!