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Sunday, January 3, 2010

We Were in the Kitchen When You Burned Me

Nope, I'm not talking about arson either. Whether the kitchen, the bedroom, the car or depending on how far ya imagination can travel, any random space room enough for a 2 minute quickie… if it resulted in someone burning you, how do you handle it??  I heard on some commercial that 50% of those engaging in sex before 25 (15 to 24 according to them) will contract an STD. And I'm proud to say I'm 25 and on the smiley side end of that statistic. But what about that miserable 50 percent? How exactly do they handle this situation??

One of them did it: I don't want to call you a hoe, but for lack of better terms, you're a hoe if you don't know who gave you the itching, burning, crab-ing, outbreaking, curable or not so curable disease during sexual intercourse. You might want to bring your body count to a complete halt until you can space em out enough to figure out which of those nasty broads or dirtbag rascals gave you an STD. (Maybe I'm naïve but I still can't figure out how these chics bring 2 or 3 guys on Maury and NONE of them are the father... Each guy should look at each other and race to the clinic).
So how do you handle it: well whether you blame the last one or the last 10, you might want to do yourself a favor and strap up or join a convent cause you LOSE at this "sport"!!

My boo gonna kill me: so you cheated... Only once and it really was the heat of the moment. But this crime came with its own punishment. Now don't go running in the side piece's crib at 4am waving a pistol. Swing my Karmas house instead and shout, “OK you caught that.”
So how do you handle it: like a grown up and call the culprit up and warn them to get themselves checked out. Now if you had sex with ya own boo before realizing you were infected, you might want to sit down and fess up. I mean c'mon, you played in the mud, and you got dirty...

I haven't sexed anybody else: you've been on the straight and narrow. And keep it funky, ya boo put it on you sooo good, you have no reason to stray. But something ain’t right if you believe you're the one and only to your one and only but you got this odor coming from ya pee that has killed plants outside your bathroom window.
So how do you handle it: Whether you go stampeding into the room they're in or send them a message on fb, you have got to confront them!! Shit, you might even want to break up after this careless mess. Its one thing if ya boo cheats, but when he/she bringing home infidelities packaged in a box labeled STD, the relationship just stamped itself VOID!!

STDs really really are preventable. And I'd rather you hate using a condom but then chalk it up and use one… than to hate burning and end up sitting in a cold @$$ doctors room confessing to the doc like you’re telling him something new... “Doc, that dirty broad burned me...” Maybe so, but you lit the match and pointed at ya di... EYEListen.

SB: STDs have been around since the earliest times (arguable by scholars and medical historians but dammit STDs have been around a hell of a long time).  Yet they are still prevalent and are increasing in incidents over certain populations and in certain geographic regions.  Please take preventative measures!  I know, I know, you like making the pharmaceutical companies rich but monogamy or even better abstinence are free!!

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  1. Thank god for grace and Mercy is all I have to say!

    I was always told that sex is truly like a fire. It was created to burn in the confines of marriage between a man and a woman. When set outside of those confines, that fire grows wild and uncontrolable; Burning people, relationships, families, morals, reputations etc.

    Good post as always.
    -Much love, Eb