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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hook-Up Bracelets

So I'm watching Degrassi on Teen Nick (don't judge me lol).  It's a tv series about a group of teens who attend Degrassi High who all have issues seemingly larger than life.  Growing up in a single parent home or dodging bullets in the hood are almost child's play when compared to the issues these teens face.  From school shootings, to issues with drugs, kids who cut themselves, relationship abuse, homosexuality with hate crimes... I'd take a day growing up in the hood over any day in the life of these melodramatic, problematic teens.  But I'm not in the business of promoting some play-play semblance of real life, no matter how entertaining I think it is.  I just want to focus in on something I just witnessed that I had only heard about before: hook-up bracelets.

My target audience probably doesn't quite relate to the terminology "hook-up" unless referring to ya homie who works at Best Buy who can get you the best unadvertised deal.  So for all of you really under a rock, it's when a guy and a girl (or messing with Degrassi, a guy and a guy... or a girl and a girl) have some type of sexual relations.  And these bracelets are worn as a "badge of honor" to reflect just that.  Plainly put, a girl gives a guy "head" and he gives her a bracelet to wear.  That bracelet lets others know how she gets down.  Sounds senseless to me.  I can't imagine the biggest hoe in school wanting to let the world know she's a hoe.  But what do I know, I went to an all girl high school.

So then I did a bit of google searching on these bracelets and found a spin on their meaning.   If a girl wears a bunch of these bracelets of different colors, it lets the guys know what she's willing to perform.  The different colors represent different acts like hugging, giving head, sex, etc.  Then there's a game that's played where a guy will try to pop one of the bracelets and once succeeding, he's entitled to have that "prize." So if he pops a bracelet that represents kissing, he then gets a kiss and so on.  And the killer to me is that this isn't just with high school kids, these are found on the wrists of junior high kids as well.  12 year olds!! Pretty scary, I would say...

I wonder if my hunny wants to play this bracelet game...

SB: This is a serious issue that makes me wonder, where did the world go wrong??  Or screw that, how do we go right??


  1. Wow! I really must have been under a rock.lol Seriously the world got of control when they allowed these acts to be seen on Tv. This behavior is excepted and if you object you are labled a hater or old school. It's going to be up to people in the media who going to have to step there game up while us parents have take back control of our households. Great Post!

  2. Great one J! Your last two posts were informative and gave us a dose of real reality. I think both also prove my mom right when she says, "This world is going to hell in a handbag!". I'm a mom myself now and I am seriously thinking about home schooling my kids after the 2nd grade! People are so stuck on self gratification that innocence in childhood and in monogamous relationships has gone out the window. Calling it scary just doesnt seem to cut it.

    As always,
    -Much love.

  3. I'm a mom J...scary just doesn't cut it. I played with barbies until I was 14. NO LIE! It seems nothing and no one is innocent anymore!

  4. Also, I love what 25champ said about "taking control of our households"! My mother did not take no mess when I was growing up and I was scared to death of her even thinking I was stepping out of line or acting "grown". Man!...I realize how valuable that sense of fear and respect was. Where did it go?

  5. Oh God! first "sexts"(that's wat the kids are calling it when u send nude/sexual pics from ur phone) and now "hook-up bracelets"!...im scared for when my girls grow up, wat the hell will these tweens and teens be doin then...geesh!

  6. Believe it or not, the bracelet thing is not new. This actually started in our generation. I had a friend that use to participate. Now she was white and went to a predominately white school. And I remember going to Claire's at the mall with her and she brought the plastic rubber band-like bracelets and told me the stories. Now I don't remember it being as details with color codes but I do know you had to do a sexual acts. ( I grew up in the suburbs and my friend went to a Catholic HS). I went to a predominately black HS and the kids didn't use bracelet. They just committed the acts.

    Now since its now our generation working @ these studios , producing and writing they are implementing these ideas from our childhood into these shows, add a dash of gay flavoring and flashing it on the idiot box which is giving our teens something to take to the next level. So what r we teaching the generation after us?

    These post are really good.