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Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 Day Countdown to V-Day: The Single Gal's Denial

February 11, 2010 (still pretending)
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Here we go again.  Yes we know you hate Valentine's Day.  Yes, it's bogus, it's a "Hallmark Holiday", love should be expressed all year round opposed to one commercial holiday... oh and not to mention, you're that Single Lady Bey rants on about.  We get it!!  You don't have that special someone and even if you do, he has no intention on making a big deal about the 14th day into February.  But who are you really trying to convince, all your facebook friends... or yourself??

During this time of the year, we get a variety of people in support of, indifferent about, and against the heart shaped holiday.  And yes, everyone is going to feel what they feel and will update your facebook and twitter statuses to reflect exactly that.  But I'll be doggone if I believe there is one female out there who is absolutely opposed to celebrating Valentine's Day or reaping the benefit of its love flow.  Remember when you were young and your mother said you couldn't go to that house party... and immediately following the begging, the pleading and the tears, you try to convince yourself that the party will be wack, no one will be there and if people do show, it's going to end early cause a fight will break out.  Then the next day you hear that the party was off the hook.  By then you're already over it but you're secretly mad as hell that you missed it.  Ok well fast forward to present day and replace that party with V-Day.

Here's how you should substitute your denial:
Just hush. No one really believes that you hate V-Day and that you wish it would disappear.  All we really hear is: Will YOU Be My Valentine??
Find a piece of paper.  Write: EXPECTATIONS.  Light a candle.  Burn the paper.  Your boo is totally not a fan and has no intention of making a big deal of V-Day.  And every year you get your hopes up hoping this man will have a change of heart and serenade you with flowers, chocolates and gifts suitable to your wittle hearts content.  And every year: nada.  So this year you say to hell with it.  But way deep down, you just want a box of BE MINE hearts.  Poor girl.
Find a younger man.  No you're not a cougar but what the hell!  Find yourself an 18 year old ready to spend the last bit of Christmas money on his new older gal.  The young ones have yet to be brainwashed, they love every single holiday and they are still trying to figure out why they don't get the 14th off from school.  He might even dig in his mother's jewelry box for ya =)

Yes V-Day does put a lot of pressure on couple and singles alike.  But ladies, cut ya shit stop fronting!  I bet if some little honey you only dated a couple times, drives by your crib to drop off a single rose.. the last thing you are going to say is "Sucka, didn't you see facebook... I don't do Valentine's day!!"  You're going to bat your eyelids, giggle and say, "Baby, you shouldn't have" while in you're head you're saying, "Thank You Jesus!!"

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