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Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 Day Countdown to V-Day: For the Happy Couples

February 12, 2010 (I'm only an hour late)
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Now on to the people who really love this holiday.  And after the date my baby planned for me last night, I'm loving love more than ever.  A night on the Hudson River, overlooking the NYC skyline, surrounded by the cozy ambience provided by the Chart House, was the perfect way to be with the man I love.  Aside from a beautiful bouquet of flowers, there were no signs of this night being a V-Day gift.  Just two people doing what we do everyday: love. 

And since everyone loves differently, here's a Valentine's Gift Guide ready to suggest ideas on what to buy the love in your life.

Click For Her:

Click For Him:

You know what makes your honey tick.  Make it special.  Make it magical.  And make it worth their while.

I love love.

SB: Got a tip to check out gifts.com also for great gift ideas not only for V-Day but for any holiday.  Happy shopping!

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