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Saturday, February 13, 2010

1 Day Countdown to V-Day: Sidechic Appreciation Day

So in light of the BIG V-DAY tomorrow, today is also a pretty big day. And NO, not because this is the last day to try your luck at any last minute gifts... Today is, most importantly, Sidechic Appreciate Day!!

So to all you side chics, the clueless and the proud, let me start by referring you to an earlier post, The Side Chic Contract that will explain whether or not you are indeed the side chic. Once you identify your position, determine if today was a Happy S.A.D for you. Did you get the time, the gift and the love you deserve? I know, probably not. Well did he at least call?? Of course he did because he had to explain why today is just as important as tomorrow... in it's own special way.

Beat the crowds: Not only was he able to run into CVS and grab you that 99 cent card before that other guy with a side chic grabbed it but the lines at the register weren't bad at all. Now if he tried to find that same card tomorrow right before he came to your house, it wouldn't have been there. Lucky you baby girl.

Everybody loves a Saturday: Saturday is just an all around better day. And if he was actually taking you out, you would be able to sleep in late and get ready for work on Monday. The main chic is gonna have it rough on Monday after tomorrow's festivities.

Nice ring to it: Valentine's Day has an OK ring to it. But Sidechic Appreciation Day sounds powerful! It almost sounds like the side chic is actually being appreciated! And how it sounds is way betta than what it is. And in all honesty, the side chic is a break from his real life and who deson't appreciate a break.

Happy holiday to all you side chics out there and congratulations on being second best!

SB: Side chics, get a better hobby! Home wreckers are only appreciated in construction!! But hey, to each it's own... EYEListen.

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