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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown is Over: Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers... and haters lol

All the confusion, the guy's stance, the gal's denial, the gift hunting, the S.A.D is over and Valentine's Day is here!! Horray!!!!  So you know what that means... today should be all for bumping and grinding!!  Get out the whips, the whip cream and if the heat works well you should be doing it in the whip... Just make sure you cut the convo short and GET BUSY!!

But WAIT!!

Ladies, take these quizzes to figure out how well you know your kitty and how well you know his anaconda (or garden snake). 
And vice versa, fellas, let's see how much you know besides wham, bam thank you m'am.

What's Your "Va-J-J" IQ
I took it and I'm a HOO-HA HERO with a 9 out of 13

Test Your "Johnson" Knowledge
Took this one and got YOU'RE A TRUE MAN HANDLER with a 7 out of 9

Since my boo boo is at work until tomorrow, I expect you all to make up for my lost time.  And in case you have a bah humbag attitude about V-Day here's 18 reasons to have sex.  Happy Love-Making!!

Fellas, share this with your women to get her to go cowgirl... you'll both be thanking me.  EYEListen.

OK... GO GO GO off the computer!!

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