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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll Always Love My Mama!!

Happy 50th Birthday Mommy!! 

Today my Mom celebrates 50 years of life!!  And on this milestone of a birthday, I want to reflect on things that have passed and things to come... Mommy this is (and will be) your life!!

Past: Raised a wonderful daughter (me) as a single parent.
Future: Will have top picks on nursing homes her wonderful daughter will put her in =)

Past: Adopted a baby boy and raised him as her own.
Future: He will help narrowing down these nursing home top picks.

Past: Gives her job her best work and has done so for the past 10 years.
Future: Will thank God the day she retires.

Past: Looked like a hottie on her many trips to beautiful island while flashes of the camera captured the moments.
Future: Looking around wondering why everyone is cool while she has hot flashes.

Past: Cleaning the house while listening to her favorites like Rechelle Ferelle and Phoebie Snow.
Future: Her grandkids will hear this music and insist grandma is old.

Past: Always listens to my problems with an attentive ear.
Future: You can yell in her ear and without that hearing aid, she won't hear a thing.

Past: Would always make ice cream floats with Pepsi, never CocaCola.
Future: Will need to wear coke bottle glasses to see the world like she once knew it.

Past: Always loved and appreciated by all.
Future: Always will be loved and appreciated by all.

Love you Mom!!  Enjoy your special day =)

My Twin

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