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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Were Soooo Not a "Thing"

Too often I have heard a guy tell me he knows me cause I used to mess with his friend. Now considering how I only had two real boyfriends (3 including the present one) and one other semi-long term "relationship", I get confused as to who he could possibly be talking about. So for the record, I want to straighten things out.

If we hung out oncewe did not used to mess with each other.

If I paid for our meal on this one datewe did not used to mess with each other.

If we talked on the phone twice a week for a period of three weekswe did not used to mess with each other.

If I met your mother, she's a very nice woman butwe did not used to mess with each other.

If your mother thought I was a very nice girlwe did not used to mess with each other.

If I came to visit you at the hospital, brought you a card and kissed you on your foreheadwe did not used to mess with each other.

If we were supposed to hang out but your dog got sick and I opted for a night at the vet with no complaintswe did not used to mess with each other.

If you caught a flat and I got out the car, helped you undo the bolts, pulled the spare out the trunk and rode with you to the tire shop… we did not used to mess with each other.

Or if I came with you to ya friend’s house and it appeared that we’re a pair… we did not used to mess with each other, and I blame your misinformed friend for having the game twisted.

A summation of all these events only assures one thing, your mother was right… I am pretty nice =)

When you have messed with someone, there should be tons of pictures, maybe an out of state trip, preferably some sexual involvement, at social events with hand in hand, a tat of each other’s name, googly eyes, and at least one love letter. That's what it is when you used to mess with someone.
And to the friends of the "alleged dude who was messed with": just cause his phone rang and you saw my name pop up, please don't think anything more than I don't mind using free nights and weekends to chat with this man. Friends of the alleged will have a girl’s track record looking like those chics on Maury. I don’t want my present boo wondering how I “messed” with all these guys when in reality, nothing has, is, or will ever go down.

And ladies, y’all not let off the hook. Ladies are just as guilty. Just because he took you to eat and let you pay the bill does not make him your boo. And when you see him with a girlfriend who happens to be gorgeous, you want to say, “Oh, been there, done that.” Girl, you ain’t been nowhere and done nothing cause HE stopped calling YOU. Oh and he didn't lose his BBM contacts, he just removed yours.

Its one thing to lie on ya d*ck manhood but to lie on ya relationship status isn't low, it’s straight thirsty!! LOL

Don’t mind me… I’m just venting…


  1. That's funny!This paying for dinner thing bothers you.lol I feel you all the way, but I hope your boo can get atleast one meal on you one day. Great post!

  2. Hahahaha! Nah I have nothing against paying. But when I pay, its cuz I can, not cuz I've been suckered lol. I pay 4 my boo's meals sometimes =)

    Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Thats good to know. I'm still waiting for you to come bless my page.

  4. My humblest apologies, my dear. I didn't kno u had a page. I'm new 2 this so when I was looking I didn't c anything. Tell me ur site please.

  5. Perpespectives:Life through my eyes http://25champ.blogspot.com/ I have 3 more, but that is the one I update the most! Thanks!

  6. LMAO this is soo true! I love it!

  7. I love this lmfao it's soooo true but I gotta add, Just because u seen her around and always wanted to know her doesn't mean y'all dated!