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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Mad Angry

Why are black people so angry? One big difference between black people and other races are the demeanors we portray. Yes, maybe it is because our struggles are significantly different. And not just the struggle of the history of the black race, but even our present day struggles affects our everyday lives. From growing up in single parent homes, our educational struggles, our struggle to find positive role models… to our struggles to get through college, find suitable careers and live fulfilling lives… all while dodging bullets. Well news flash, our present day struggles aren’t Black-race owned!  We are such a strong race of people that we must not let ourselves or our struggles cause our own setbacks. Right now, take a deep breath and SMILE!!

When are we the angriest?
In the club: Black clubs without the music would echo the sounds of mean mugs and ice grills. Keep it real, walk into a bar of other races, you’d hear giggles, excitement and fun bouncing off the walls. Blame it on the beer but at least they go out to actually have a good time. We go out to trash talk, to see who’s baby daddy was in some other girl’s face and to stand real tough on the dance floor in the way of the select few who actually came to dance. But after a few overpriced shots of henny or patron, we surely put on a smiley face.
Downtown Newark: If you want to have a bad day, walk downtown to have a stare down with the locals. You can find a slew of people awkwardly leaning with diluted eyes, people of particular religions ready to influence and persuade, hustlers with a cart full of what you don’t need but one thing you do, thieves, and of course high school and Essex County College students. And the one commonality is an angry face. Downtown Newark has so much art, history and culture, if those people were aware, maybe they’d at least grin.
In the morning: Ok Ok this was a stretch… everyone is angry in the morning. Everyone who hates their job, hates their living situation, or hates the person they wake up to. Leaving a small percentage of people who actually smile when they wake up realizing another day has been given to them.

Nothing in the world is so bad that you can’t smile or at least do the smile with your eyes thing Tyra Banks talks about.  You don’t have to be a bubbly, energetic, extrovert, so high on life, just to show the world that you are happy to be alive. Perception is everything (or is it, Perception is nothing and thirst is everything… Sprite aight). Well whatever it is, black people get a clue that life is more than living beyond our means, wearing Gucci and going to Miami for Memorial Day. Black people we got a Black prez for goodness sake… it’s time we move forward, with big smiles and say YES WE CAN!! **This is where the crowd cheers** =)

As a matter of Fact!!
1820 - U.S. Blacks emigrate back to Sierre Leone
1867 - The Peabody Fund for Black education in the South was established.
1945 - Bob Marley, Jamacian reggae star is born.
1993 - Tennis player Arthur Ashe dies. Ashe was the first African American to win at Wimbledon.
2010 - Watched a whole season of ANTM and blogged about turning frowns upside down =)
These are some happy Black people we ALL love

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