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Monday, April 19, 2010

Cohabitation is One Hell of a Drug

Cohabitation is one hell of a drug, a gateway drug to be exact. It exposes you to the addictions to checking phones, storming out the house when angry and cutting up clothes (I'm one for three, care to guess which one lol). So why do we indulge in these cold sweats, twitching and OD'ing??

Convenience: Bad idea! If this is an attempt to save money, shorten a commute or to escape your mom breathing down ya back… rethink and abort. You are in a hasty mind frame and any option is looking like the only option. Ever try jumping into a double dutch rope and got slapped in the face with what wasn’t quite a jumprope but a wired phone cord. Ouch!! Yes, just wait until the time is right.

SHE thinks it’s best for the relationship: Ladies, I have to take a shot at y’all. Often times, women insist on living with her boo for her own selfish reasons. Mainly, so she can keep a close eye on him. Baby girl, you did hear about Tiger right? If you have the mentality that a man needs to be "watched" you’re not ready for this huge step in domestication. Girl you’re not even ready for the relationship. Get the Barbies out the closet and let's take maturity in smaller increments.

But we're in love:  Ha! You hear it all the time: you only really learn a person after living with them. So Tina, what’s love got to do with it. Let’s save that love crap for the fairy tales. You love ya best friend but after a weekend getaway y’all not even so much as fb friends anymore. Be wise about the mate you choose and conscious of their living style. It proves detrimental without careful analysis. Ur love may only be so strong cuz you haven’t faced the frustrations of interdependence and coexistence under a single roof. Be mindful.

Relationships plunge the instance you two share an address. Don't believe me, statistics show that a large percent of marriages fail if you live together before jumping the broom. And just over 50 percent of first cohabiting couples ever get married. Men lie, women lie but myself and numbers, don't lol. =)

Ok ok, I'm being a tough ass, I know. But don't get me wrong, cohabitation can be a beautiful thing for two ready, not seemingly ready, people. Many discussions are in order. List out some dos and don’ts, just to get an idea where each or your heads are. Of course you can't script a living situation. But at least have an idea of what you’re signing up for. So when she starts tripping about you wearing your jeans in the bed (guilty) or he starts barking about hair on the bathroom floor, at least you were warned!!

SB: both names should be on the lease/deed and bills. Don't need somebody flaking on the expenses after a big argument. EYEListen.


  1. I feel here sis. People think just cause you live together it's the same when you get married. Not only does your mentality change once you get married, but your spouse might show their ass after you jump the broom. It's best to get expenses in order and small goals accomplished before cohabitating.It's a big deal. Great Post!

  2. Good article Jay...i can personally vouch for someone who went from having an apt in college to movin back home with mom dukes and thinkin this aint gon work for long...moved in with the BF and yeah after about a year we was at each other's throats lol....but im glad to say that with time and patience we got it together...better be married or engaged in like 2yrs cause i aint shackin up forever..lmao

  3. LMAO Takeysha, I feel you girl!! We all get to that point where mommy isn't a pleasant "roommate" anymore... only to find out that the boo isn't either!! Thanks for your comment.

    Champ, I know you know the ends and outs of this topic, oh wise one =)