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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Cheater's Beat Down: Protest #4

I take the full blame, (I mean who else can), on my bloglessness... and yes in my return, I hit you with this made up word bloglessness... but you're smart, you get what it means, so point served.  In short, I've been going through the transition of not walking, to walking with crutches, to with a boot, to where I am now: both the left and right shoe!! Whoooo-hoooooooo... and what better way to kick off a 40 day drought than with a Challenging Cheater's Movement newest edition, #4.
Protest #3: With a Broken Heart, I Butcher and Burn
Protest #2: He Cheated so I Wrote a Book
Protest #1: The One on the Side, Tells Their Side

No build up needed for this video clip.  Watch it, cringe and pity the fool... wait, was that a Mr.T reference SMDH, I ought to be ashamed lol.  Yikes!! Anyway, to all the cheaters out there, don't think you're soo slick that this couldn't happen to you.  The side chic wasn't even able to escape the wrath of a town scorned lol.

It takes a village to raise a child... and that same village to whop yo @$$ when you get caught slipping.  Eff it, I'm moving to India... babe, you coming?? =)

SB: I miss blogging, so you better believe I am back in full force.  Got some stuff I've been waiting to get out to y'all.  Thanks to all who got me back on here, back to my love, WillEYEListen.

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  1. Wow that's funny. I'm glad ur back. Can't wait 2 read what you got next.