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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One on the Side, Tells Their Side: Edition #1

This edition will begin a series of episodes where that good ol' cheating goes bad.  I'd like to think of this as my "Challenging Cheaters" Movement.  If this kind of stuff doesn't get a cheater to think twice, nothing will.  So in the famous words of Mr. Heathcliffe Huxtable, "CHA-LLENGE!!"

Check out this article where a woman posts billboard ads in 3 major cities revealing loving photos of her and her married-man boyfriend.  The billboard also displayed a website that has albums of photos and love notes she had received from her beau.  And before you go throwing her under a bus, she was honestly under the impression that this man had divorced his wife years ago.  She has traveled with him, attended family functions with this man and had been dating him for 8 1/2 years.  When she got tipped that he is still married, she hired a private investigator and found out it was true!  She insists she didn't post these billboards in an act of revenge but instead to let everyone know she refuses to be cast as the "other woman."

Not everyone is a fan of public displays of affection... now for all cheaters, how's that for PDA??

SB: Found a better article on Revenge by Billboard


  1. I dont cheat (because i dont believe it exist but that's another story) but even i know that you dont lie to the side chick

  2. I still don't feel sorry for her because when someone gets divorced they have paper wrk to prove it. forget family functions, and friends the proof is on file. That the first thing I let a women know when I meet them. I got papers.lol
    Great post!

  3. But Champ, who thinks to wanna see the papers. If a man tells you he's divorced, sounds legit to me. It's just not something you expect someone to lie about. But I'm glad you got yours ready!! =)
    Rey, I already know lol.

    Thanks for the comments!!

  4. Have ever thought that divorce is a touchy subject for the men and women who go through them. Most men and women lie because of the fear that the other man or woman would up a leave. That he/she who's going through a divorce or seperation has a right to move on with his/her life. That's why when I got divorce i made it a priority to show the papers. It was very uncomfortable to even say hello to another woman before I got them. Ya'll check cell phones, police records, social security cards, but you don't think to see divorce papers Wow! Now tell me where are the priorities are.lol