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Friday, January 29, 2010

I Just Wanna Know... Is She Cute?

What’s the first thing a girl does when:
A) her guy cheats
B) her ex moves on to the next
C) her new guy reveals who his ex is…
...she checks to see if she’s cute or not!! And nothing makes a girl feel more confident, cuter or superior to the rest, than to see that the “other” chic doesn’t measure up to her idea of beauty.

As if personality can be measured in a photo, we insist our guy could have done so much better than a girl we think is ugly. Naïve yes, but most, if not, all women do it. And truth be told, guys do too.

I once had a guy, who saw a guy I was dating (thanks to facebook), tell me that I could do better. He even had the nerve to believe HE was the better. After I had to kill him with, “you could never measure up to the man he was five years ago, let alone the man he is today,” he just looked stupid. Like who do you think you are to think you are better than the next cuz you got a prettier face? I love to quote geniuses and a profound quote comes from the song Shoop (wink), “… If looks could kill you would be an oozie..” But honey, they don’t kill, so you’re just regular… old you.

I love to sit at my grandmom’s house and listen to old stories about her youth; especially the ones where she insists that the “other” chic wasn’t ugly, but oooogly. To see a 70+ year old woman grimace at the thought of how unattractive the chic of one of her beaus was, is pure comedy. “I dunno how he could date her when I couldn’t even stand looking at her.” Lol. This just reassures me that this ancient tradition will forever live on: if she’s ugly, you’ll sleep better at night. Which translates into present time as: there’s no better boost than to search thru facebook, find “her” photo and laugh.

So even though you can’t judge the book by the cover… we’ll all continue to judge the book by the cover… ain’t like you ever plan on reading it anyway *shrugs*

SB: I call a spade a spade and give credit where credit is due… So it doesn't matter if you think she’s attractive or not… he does…EYEListen


  1. And that, my friend, is the bottom line. Isn't it? We live in a society where looks are the prime de facto and it usually takes some type of personal relationship in order to determine the true character and worth of an individual.

    Those who know this, know, while others who do not know, simply do not know.

    On another note: I remember conversations with my deceased grandmothers as if we talked yesterday. There is always some truth to what is being said by the old earth (term of endearment).

  2. Great Post! I feel u sis. After the beauty then what.I've had my share of vein a** women who brought nothing else to the table, but all they cared about was if they looked better than who I was currently dating.people are funny

  3. It soo shallow to hold higher regard for yourself based on appearance. And its even crazier cuz I thought that was a female trait. Silly me!!

    I've swam upstream but on a different river. While some date cuz its a pretty face, I used to date for character while accepting other flaws and still end up falling flat... meanwhile they werent the cutest of em lol.

    Thanks for the comments fellas!!

  4. So I know I 'm guilty of this act. Lol. I like it when they get a girl that's cuter than I. It make you feel like he has good taste. But when its a girl that's ugly, I don't even want to admit we dated the same guy so I'm not associated in that category, as if that's the actually case. I find this totally funny now. Lol.

  5. Anonymous that's a dope perspective you got. It's funny cuz you might diss a guy until he gets a cute gf... then all the ladies love him. He becomes attractive my association lol.

    Thanks for the comment!!