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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of Just J

I love blogging. It lets me shape the contents of my mind into text. I happen to share it, you happen to read it... and then the vastness becomes an interpretation of me. Take it or leave it. I undoubtedly write for my own selfish reason: to clear my head. But since there's a thin line between selfish and selfless, it appears that I am sharing thoughts and experiences for someone else to learn from. You say tomato, I say, well you know the rest. I choose a topic, expound on the idea and click PUBLISH POST... Voila, another Just J exclusive =)

But today I want to blog about my day as it was an enjoyable experience I wish to share. And since the boo is at work, you (yes you) are my next best friend.

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So today, Tuesday, I went to my piano lesson as I do every Tuesday. No, I'm not an aspiring musician. Just a girl looking to expand my horizons. I once dated a guy who took me to a restaurant that had a piano. The restaurant was a bit quiet and the owner was a bit cool, so my date asked if he minded if I played a tune. Ok, at the time the extent of my musical talent was the melody to Flintstones. But what the hell, I went for it. Played it. And pretty much bombed. My date, the modest fellow that he was, asked to take a shot at it. He got up to the piano and serenaded us with some harmonious tune blowing my performance out the water. With a flopped performance and a date who outshined me, I scribed “Piano Lessons” on my To Do list. Needless to say, presently, 4 or 5 weeks into my lessons, DATE ME NOW BUDDY!! (If only I had those lessons before that date *shrug*).

The second half of my day involved a king, an artist and DUMBO. The king: my friend Stef aka King, the artist: Kasim who is a singer/song writer/musician and DUMBO: Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass... all combined into a noteworthy experience merely for the photography we shot, the people we met and the rockin’ pizza that we ate. DUMBO is an artsy, industrial area of Brooklyn known for its scenery, food, and history which translate into: awesome photography. So, yes, on top of piano lessons, I am learning to capture moments of timeless beauty all in one click…
I shot this too =)

To, from and in BK we met some awesome people, just networking and being free sprits. We met a girl from Cali who was cool as ice, pretty flyy and as friendly as they come. We exchanged BBMs (I love my BB) and plan on hooking up with her in the future to just hang out. We also met a young lady who does make-up and styling for Ebony magazine. We chopped it up in a newsstand and exchanged contact info. We even ran into Busta Rhymes looking all rugged in the face. I told him to smile cuz it’s a beautiful day. He hesitated for a sec and replied, "I'm a beautiful person". Stef told me I should have taken a picture. I’m sooo not a groupie so I opted for pics of the Manhattan Bridge instead. By no means am I any good at shooting but after today, I think I got the hang of it… Big shout outs to the boy King for the tutorial.
Grimaldi’s pizza added the fine touch on our trip which is a notable pizza joint frequented by the masses, celebs included. 2 pies between the 3 of us, wine, Brooklyn lagers and a ginger ale later, we made our way back to the subways. Made a quick stop to do some quick shopping and headed back to dirty Jers.

All in all, I learned a new lesson on life today. This $hit really is boundless.
Takeaways: Pick up a hobby or two. Hop on a train and ride out. Talk to all the strangers, you’re bound to make a few friends. And eat lots of pizza!! EYELisen.


  1. Great Post! I enjoyed ur experience meeting new people is a great way to learn more about the individual and about self. I love art. Drawing is my thing and I can sit and draw just about anything so I have a deep down crush on photography.lol Thanks 4 sharing with us your selfishness :) has turned into someone elses inspiration.

  2. Great Post! I felt like I went to. Can you put your spirit in a bottle and send it to me, and a lot of others! LOL I Love you Girl,
    Your camera skills are what's up! LOL

  3. Champ you're awesome... always have been, always will be!!

    ME, thanks for your comment. I'm working on getting it bottled and distributed =)