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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shots From Brooklyn's DUMBO

New Hobby: Photography
Years Experience:  About a month
Camera: Nikon D3000 named Nik (Nick)
Shoot location: DUMBO - Brooklyn (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass)
Entourage: Photographer - King; Model - Kas
Level of Dopeness: MEGA


  1. the pitures look great.. you are officially an artist now congrats!... i know you like quotes so here's one for you (thank me later)

    "The intention of art is to stop time. Photography takes a moment out of the flow. Painting builds to the moment... Photography is a slice in time. Painting is a slice out of time."

    "My eyes were made to see something that makes me rush to want to show you."
    – Eric Fischl, artist, in conversation with Alva Noe, philosopher

  2. Dope!! Thanks Rey... I think I'm in love!! Shooting is my new escape. I'm so happy =)