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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dr. Photo, MD

I just got back from Maryland yesterday, visiting an old college friend.  I was crazy happy to see my homegirl but my major focus, pun intended, was to get some shooting done.  So after reading, continue scrolling to check out some of my favorite flicks of the trip...

What I learned driving to Maryland...
1. There is no speeding in Maryland!  There are cameras and cops EVERYWHERE.
2. Picking up or discharging passengers is prohibited.  Right when I was getting ready to pick up a hitchhiker brandishing a pistol... shucks...
3. Baltimore, despite what The Wire and mainstream media has taught me, is the most beautiful city.  Especially at night when the lights are awesome.   I mean yeah, it has its hood but why focus on that when there are areas of amazement.
4. There are lots of Black people.  Yeah I dunno where I thought the 41.1 million Black people dwelled, but I clearly didn't expect to see so many of them in MD.
5. Did I mention no speeding.  Like damn!

Ok, I was just killing time before I got to the important stuff.  I really don't want photography to interfere with my "wisdom" I like to share lol, but I'm just so amped about this new artistic expression of mine.  Enjoy and I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging on life topics tomorrow...

Shots from Chesapeake Bay:
"Luxury View""Tri-Generation"

"Fair Game""Uncle Sam's Fate"
"Distant Love"
"Why Not?""Courting"
"Real Estate"

 "Hang in There"

 "World on my Shoulders"


  1. Yeah in MD hitch hiking is considered hacking even though people never wonder if all those missing folks couldn't have possibly vanished while hacking. lol anyways I wish I would have known u were in MD I could have seen some of ur work in person. Check me out http://25champ-lovestoned.blogspot.com/?spref=tw

  2. beautiful pictures babe it's kyle