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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GPS is My Crutch

The other day I heard someone say the most foreign English I've ever heard: paper map. I mean yeah, Google maps with the satellite view sounds very familiar. But a paper map?? That's something I've had as much use for as ink and feather. And considering how I've only had my license for about 7 years, to my delight, a gps system has had the same existence, and longer.  But to use a crutch is to be dependent.  And now that my broken leg is back in order, I have no need for crutches.

When you use GPS as a crutch:I was hanging out one night and wanted to go somewhere else, so I pulled out the convenient Sprint Navigation on my phone. To my disappointment, it failed. And the only way to fix it was to reboot my BLACKBERRY!! All BB users know, unless you got something to distract you for about 15 minutes, NO WAY am I rebooting. I had no choice but to go home.

I GPS how to get to my destination and how to get home. And, of course, home is the easiest destination to get to especially once you reach your local highway. But I don't cut the lady off til I'm damn near on my block. “She” might put me on to some new back streets.

I even use the navi to get to the corner store just to see if it has a quicker or better route. (J/K… or am I) lol

When you use the gps to get somewhere and someone else asks you how to get there, you respond “I dunno.” You can’t even attempt to drive there a second time, without your GPS… nothing looks familiar.

I catch an attitude with my Sprint Navi lady when she messes up and all I really had to do was look at the highway signs… but I shouldn’t have to because she shouldn’t mess up.. so, now I’m lost and all she says is “Rerouting….” Now I see why dudes get so mad at the special lady in their life… she always tripping smh

I went to church last week and the pastor’s message was to abandon your GPS lifetime as it only consists of a starting point and a destination. You miss everything along the way, the scenery, the landmarks and the experience. And now that I love shooting (cameras, not guns you over zealous gangsters), I want to soak in as much of the world as I can. Sometimes I wish I could hire a driver and play my position as a passenger, Nik in hand, hoping to get lost just to have a few more minutes to stare and gaze, finding art in the mundane (cue daydreaming music).  Uhhhh yeah, sorry, got lost in the idea and almost drifted away. I’m so corny =)

Takeaways: Print out directions and review them before your trip. Don’t fret when you get lost, enjoy it. Retrace your steps instead of GPS’ing home. Buy a paper map for safe keeping. EYEListen.


  1. I def feel u technology take away frm the experience. It's hard to capture the moments in the world when u are glued to GPS or cell phone. U become completely oblivious to the sites and sounds around you. Ipods also reduce you to the sounds u here in your head. i only use them on trips that I know I'm going 2 be doing alot of sleeping. Good Read!

  2. LMAO @ that battery pull. You aint neva lie. How is sprint bbm service? I'm considering them. the simply everything plan is quite sexy.

    Great conclusion. I have friends who intentionally dont use gps. It numbs your navigational skills and travel RAM. God forbid if it kicks out on you mid trip far from home.

  3. GREAT point Champ... i see kids and they have those things glued in their ears... im like yo, that cant be good. And u hit it, you're missing those sounds in your own head, you're reducing your thinking time. But me on the other hand, i have ADD and when i have an ipod on, I forget the music is playing and start drifting off into my own thoughts. Im weird lol

    Exactly R!! cant be too reliant on anything mechanical cuz if it crashes, then what!! Im a bit bias, i've had sprint for the past 5 years and i swear they can do no wrong.