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Monday, May 3, 2010

Definition of a Good Man

**Special Guest Writer: Ronnie on WillEYEListen**

Definition of a Good Man

What is a good man? Many women have yet to define this or experience this. I’m tired of hearing the saying, “all the good ones are taken”. This is far from true. I believe a good man is one who is always true to his woman; never steps out on her, always provide for her and keep her safe from harm. Women define good men as those who are able to provide for them financially. But they fail to realize that financial stability is not the only quality you should look for when you are looking for a good man. Not to down play that quality but that is one of the major reasons why women are oppressed now. The men that they are with are their meal ticket and the woman feels as if as long as he provides for her she is satisfied. But this situation is far from good and the man is not a good one because not only is he providing, he’s cheating, in the streets and who knows what else.

A good man will never take advantage of his woman or the love that she has for him. He’ll always respect her and value all that she’s worth. Until a man can show complete dedication and unconditional love for a woman he is far from the ultimate package. There are key components to holding the title “good man” and to acquire them it takes time and wisdom. Cheaters, liars, manipulators, womanizers, moochers, abusers and users will never obtain that title and are far from good men. Sadly, women end up with this type of man 85% of the time and are left feeling down and out.

Then there are times when a woman has a good man and doesn’t even know it. The man can be loyal, faithful and dependable; yet the woman still complains about not having a good man by her side. The man who does what he is supposed to randomly reaps the appreciation and benefits. Yet, the low life that cheats and lies gets all the praise. Those men that deserve the praise rarely, if ever, receive it. The men who stand tall by their woman and treats them right are taken for granted, until it’s too late. Women, as well as men, never really know a good thing until it’s gone.

A good man can be defined as many things. For the men, if you feel as though you are a good man then continue to do what you have been doing to earn that title. But don’t think because you have a job and nice cars then you’re automatically a good man. It takes hard work and dedication to become and remain a good man.

PEACE- Ronnie

Meet the author: Ronika Bridges

Ronika Bridges aka Ronnie is an inspiring writer with a BA in English and Philosophy from William Paterson University. Her hobbies are reading, writing, working out and shopping....

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  1. nuf said. I've nothing to follow. Good Read!

  2. I concur sneak.

  3. Can we define a good woman now lol

  4. Definitely enjoyed the article; for me it really helped me to focus. Sometimes in life we as human beings tend take others for granted going into relationships with our eyes closed not really being concerned about what is good or bad. I really appreciate the eye opener.

  5. Good Read! I came across this blog while browsing the net and I thought that I should say hi. I am actually writing an article on "Are there good men left in this world?" and I thought your views on that subject are quite interesting. I am at the conclusion stage of my article and will be posting it very soon on my blog (pnlviews.blogspot.com). Anyway, looking forward to some more interesting reads from you. All the best