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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Enemies Love Me

Shot by: King Boyett
I am well aware that some people… just don’t like me. And it’s cool. I learned a long time ago, what you eat, don’t make me $h!t. So I’m over it. But you on the other hand, have got too much baggage. To not like someone is one thing. But to be disrespectful, to roll your eyes when they walk in a room, to kick someone’s back in whether it’s the truth or down right bull$h!t, you are giving that person power over you!! It takes more energy to NOT like someone, than to just ignore their existence. And although I practice the latter of the two, you just can’t seem to help keeping my name out your mouth... loser…

My pastor always says, “Don’t worry 'bout when they talkin’ about you, worry when they stop.” He says the haters are going to keep talking because they are jealous and they want what you got. Your enemies will be your foot stool...

So this leads me to my thoughts about black people and their incessant hate of other black people. I have been talking a lot about this lately, to several different friends. And I have come to the conclusion that most Black people are always on the prowl for the enemy. When there are all Black people around each other, we are each other’s enemy. That’s why there’s such a high rate of Black on Black crap. But the minute we’re in the company of other races, Black people band together and make the “others” the enemy. Why do you think all the Black people at a diverse company are all friends? As long as we have someone to oppose, we are all for one, one for all... until you leave us Black people in a room all together.  SMH.  I’m convinced… Black people are always on the defensive because we’re the oppressed people that we are…

All right, I’m going on a tangent a bit… so let me get back to the hating @$$ females. I’m totally not that rowdy chic running through the streets yelling, “B*tches always hating on me.” Again, I don’t give you that much power in my world. But it’s sickening to know that you would go out your way to play your position as the crab in the barrel. FYI baby girl, I left that barrel a long time ago!!

So to address all ya concerns and ease your doubts:
I DON’T want your boyfriend though we continue to be friends
I don’t care what you drive
I’m so above name-brand-whoring so I couldn’t care less bout what you wear
I’m not sexing or have not sexed whoever you swear to think so
I have NO drama
My boyfriend and I get along very well. Sorry if your relationship is rocky.
When I’m bored (very rarely) I play my piano, take pics, blog, etc. Soooo get a hobby… minus gossiping.
People like me cause I’m just regular old me. It’s so easy.
I have asthma, bad allergies, a limp (shout out to my healing leg), I drive an old model car, I think my fingers are fat, sometimes I’m OCD, I’m kinda insecure and shy, I grew up in a single parent home, I was dumped by my last bf, I could surely use a gym membership on this tummy, I dress like a tomboy sometimes confused as a lezzy, I probably talk a lot, I have a phony laugh (not all the time though lol), my bf says I nag … ummm that’s all I got right now but let me know if you need more fuel… I'd rather you gossip the truth...

And f*ck this battle, I don't wanna win, I'm outty/(Passing you the mic) Here tell these people somethin' they dont know about me...

Don't mind me.. I'm just venting... *shrugs*

SB:  I'm sorry if this post was excessive or aggressive, as that is beyond my character... I just had to clear the air real quick =)  Tomorrow's post: Rainbows and Unicorns


  1. i loved this post from the beginning to the end.
    you expressed black people completely and described confused, imature, ignorant females.

    LOVE IT!

    keep ya head up.

  2. Ur sexy, intelligent, and articulate. Great Post! if they don't like u 4 who u are fuck'em "Bernie Mac" voice.

  3. Who hating on u?!Where she at?! I'll f*ck her up son! Lol but 4real I'm in shock that anyone's ever said anything bad about u EVER...guess I'm just naïve :ol

  4. THANKS Qwen!! PS, ya blog is dope!

    That's right Champ, eff em!! Thanks =)

    Yeah Leesh, i dont have enough fingers to count em all. And i do nothing but kill em with kindness... nex time we're out, i'll point em out lol

  5. Girl do you need me to take my earrings off???? JK. :-)I once heard someone say, "Those that seek to find the bad in others have yet to find the good in themselves". Be easy girl. Dont hurt nothing! LOL. Always fun to read your thoughts!