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Saturday, July 10, 2010



If you made the mistake of loving me,
everything wud be because of me…
not like a power move,
not like a sucka,
not a fool…
but for it all I’d be your inspiration.
If you made the mistake of loving me,
you wud resent all that wasn’t me…
and isn’t me,
and will never be…
I’d be the inkling of your imagination.
If you made the mistake,
the love wouldn’t be a fake…
I got you baby as long as I got your mental
If you made the mistake,
I want all that I can take…
advantage of an accidental
If You,
then I,
then We…
would be.

Wrote this about a guy I crushed on. He had a girl, though, and he and I would hang out simply to enjoy the company. But as I saw feelings getting thick, I bailed. Didn’t want him to make the mistake of loving me… EYEListen.

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