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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm a Hater

Don't judge me, you're a hater too...

I hate...

Right Size Smoothie commercials
All commercials on the radio
When all my fave radio stations are on commercial
When the only station not on commercial is the one playing those damn Eminem songs
When the navi can't find a location
Arguments with no resolution
Arguments with an idiot
The pinky toe
Snobby people
No toilet paper after you sit down
Windshield wiper sounds when it stops raining

When people start a sentence and right before they get to the juicy part they... Nevermind.
People who outstay their welcome
Loud music that makes your speakers rattle
Loud people
Loud black people
When black people say Ni99a around "other" people
When I cuss aloud and King says I need a filter
When radio dj's don't say the title and artist of a good song
When my blackberry freezes
Rebooting my blackberry
It freezing again
When its free before 11 and its 11:01 when I get there
When ex's say "what if"
When promoters request me on facebook
Rejecting promoters... Who are my friends in real life
Removing promoters who are my real friends and they send me an inbox message
Line drying after washing my clothes
Waking up half hour before my alarm goes off
Falling back asleep 5 minutes before my alarm goes off 
People who don't hold the door
People who don't say thanks when I hold the door
When I gotta let the next door slam in their face
Heels when they start to hurt
Chics who wear flats in the club
Tipping bartenders who make whack drinks
People who make the same mistake
Dudes with 3 baby mothers
Dudes who make the same mistake
Making mistakes
When my fingers hurt after getting my nails done
Sleeping in socks
Stepping in water with socks
When I can't find socks that match
Mosquito bites
When my phone is about to die
When my phone dies
People with public service jobs who hate their jobs
People who hate their jobs
When I hated my job
Bbm for telling people I read their message when I have no intention on responding
When someone reads my message and they don't respond
Texting "lol" when I know I didn't crack a smile
Lists with no point
Lists with no end
People who hate

Oh... Ok I'm done.



  1. This is hilarious and I love that the Right Smoothie Commercial is FIRST on the list. Initially I thought it was a joke until I saw the actual youTube video for it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiY6jSjRsII ...Chick was so serious. lol

    Great Post though.

  2. that was a somewhat entertaining read.


    hey Jay... long time no speak

  3. I see we have fans of the rite size smoothie commercials lol... thanks for reading and especially for commenting!!

    Anonymous yeah it has been a long time... forever if you ask me