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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Blogless Excuses

OKOKOKOK... sue me!  (Thinking of a really good excuse) ummmmmm... my dog ate my computer??

I have not blogged since Sept. 11th (I think)... the day we paid homage to the lives lost and risked during the horrible tragedy of 2001 (clearly I'm changing the topic while gaining sympathy for a more important issue).

Ok forget it, I give up!  I'm a slacker, a bum, a failure to my creation, my love, my WillEyeListen... Wait wait wait, I have just one last excuse...

I am The One... sorta like Neo but minus the weird slow motion and bending spoons.  I have been placed on this earth to fulfill duties and inspire.  I wake up every morning with my own agenda, and somewhere along the way I get tricked into talking to some guy trying to get me to choose a red or green (or was it blue) pill.  And after I flag down the police and get that wacked out drug dealer out of my face (my mama said to just say NO), I find myself on a one way trip down Pleasing Others Lane...

And that's the real reason I haven't blogged.  I'm too busy fulfilling my destiny of fulfilling everyone else's agenda.

I'm at that age where all my friends are turning a year older, having babies, getting married, trying new business ventures, moving into new homes and needing rides to the courthouse.  So how do you expect me to have time for myself.  Nevermind the fact that I'm a full time (ok I'm lying, I have 11 credits) student.  Not to mention school came easy to me when I didn't care about reading the chapters and when my photographic memory only worked 12 hours before an exam.  So why read and study ahead of time when cramming was so much more time efficient.  Now I HAVE to spend my time studying and highlighting and reading and rereading and ummm yeah rereading cuz I have ADD (self-diagnosed, of course) and after I read a paragraph I have to reread it because I started thinking about purple blossoms and teacup yorkees in the middle of the sentence about the monosaccharides and ribosomes (yes anatomy and physiology, please help!!).  And then on top of that, I barely have had time to shoot anything... and you know next to breathing, shooting is the next most important life function (wait, regular bowel movement and blinking definitely rank pretty high in there somewhere). 

THEN, I have had no time to regularly attend the gym and though I haven't quite fallen apart, I have a few pair of jeans my little cousin will be the new proud owner of.  So don't be fooled if you caught me at the spot looking ravishing because I managed to fool the camera man with a quick breath holding technique that flattens the mid section.

Because at home I'm really looking like

So all in all... I do realize that I have become the deadbeat dad, mom, owner, whatever you want to call my relation to this infant of a website (who btw will be turning One year old next month *bbm dancing and bbm party hat*)

I have an exam tomorrow but after that I intend on doing some posting of some of the crap that clouds my mind that you are lucky enough to have to put up with =)

Did I mention that I love you for putting up with it.  EyeListen.


  1. hahaha, funny one J. i like it....

  2. Girl your little blogs are sometimes just the funny, alluring, informative and interesting "pick me up" a girl (or guy) needs! Lol. Better than Emerald nuts at 3 pm! LOL.

    Thanks for sharing girl! Be blessed in ALL you do!

    Much Love!

  3. lls. We aren't going anywhere. handle ur business :)

  4. Very cool post. Im new to this whole blogging experience. Kind of theraputic in a sense. I guess.... Ah well good post anyway. Keep em coming. 06!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comment!! I really just had to get that off my chest... Meaningful posts coming soon!!

    Hey Champ!!

  6. LMAOOO! even your blogless excuses are keeping me entertained!

  7. Atleast I happy to know that someone else is having the same issue when studing. Except my mind isnt thinking about teacup yorkees...hahaha

  8. Thanks Yacha lol

    LOL i don't think of them either but that was the first thing that came to mind when typing lol

    Thanks for your comments!