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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad Memory

never forget the ones who love you the most. the ones who care when the rest dont. the ones who have your back even when theirs is bare. never forget the ones who love you just because you're you. the ones who could love all the others or any other but carefully chose you to love. not because you are that dope. or cuz you think you're that dope. or cuz you think you're their best option. but because loving you compliments them loving themselves. never forget the ones who shared their last with you. gave you the best of them. and only wanted the best for you.
because if they so happen to disappoint you one day, hurt your feelings, say something they didn't mean or make you mad. hopefully you wont have a bad memory.

to all the men who forget those who love them the most. whether it is their mother, a close friend. or the girl who gave you her heart.

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