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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is that My Phone Ringing?


2days ago, I powered off my phone at 5am and have not looked back. 

My Issue:
I spend too much time using my phone... and not in the typical sense where I'm making and receiving calls.  But all those funky features cell phones have been blessed with have sucked me into a trap of addiction!  BBM is my high, the reason I may not pick my little brother up from school, the reason why my homework may not get done and all the other negligently forgotten things you see on the "Under the Influence" "Don't Smoke Weed" commercials.  Then there's my Spades game that I use to take a "break" right in the middle of every study session, every one fourth of the way thru every study session and conveniently three fourths way into every study session smh.  And of course we have the Sprint Navigation that has forced me to GPS EVERY destination and return home with no clue how I got there or got back.  Ummmm texting... not so much because all my "cool" friends use bbm lol... Oh the Internet, I have googled EVERYTHING... answers to questions my teachers ask, the word "juxtaposition", the best times to fly to a Caribbean island... all this while I should probably be doing something more important.  Then of course there's the random photo shoot we all take of ourselves when we claim we're bored.  Why is random nonsense a substitute for being bored?  I can't think of the other features that consume entirely too much of my needed time because it's now a thing of the past!

My Resolution:
I am the Cell Phone Boycott activist!  I have no intention on using my cell phone... indefinitely.  I use email and facebook as forms of communication to the outside world, if and only if I'm in the house.  And I call my mother from the house phone when I need to check up on my girl.  I make my plans before I leave out and I follow through with them.  I'm not calling when I'm on my way, either you're there or you're not.  I will mapquest directions if I absolutely need them.  Maybe I'll swing by the gas station and purchase a paper map (good idea!).  I'm still looking for a payphone in case of emergencies lol.

But WHY?
I need back ownership rights to my time.  I will be starting nursing school next fall and I need to factor out as many distractions as possible.  Even now, I need to make sure all my pre-reqs are passed with an A, not a B or B+, an A!  I have my photography that has taken a bit of the back burner since school has started.  I have my Rosetta Stone for learning French and I haven't touched it since February.  My piano lessons have fallen by the waist side... But hopefully all those things will resurface and consume my newly found idle time.  I will no longer be accessible to be sucked into useless events where my time won't be spent wisely.  I even read a book on Friday while in the doobie shop instead of playing spades on my phone or bbm'ing my life away!

I hung out with some old college buddies yesterday that I hadn't seen all year and I wasn't distracted by a useless phone call or random bbms.  So now if we spend time, my time is devoted to you, as it should be.  I went to a birthday dinner the other night for my best friend (I happen to leave my phone home that night) and I watched as the entire table focused 60% of their attention on their phones.  Not judging anyone, but we really need to get our focus back on what's important to us.

Don't mind me... just venting...


  1. I totally agree, I find myself losing quality time due to me messing with my phone for whatever reason. There are times now when I power my phone off until I get home to try to take advantage of the special moments that are taken.Conversation has lessen due to someone calling about something that really could have waited, checking eBay, checking email etc. There are a lot of distractions that I am slowly trying to get rid of to focus on accomplishing some things but mostly to enjoy the simplicity.

  2. damn, u make a valid point...i would love to boycott with you but i think i need a little extra help. i rather go to a cell phone rehab center...any facilities out there?

  3. LOL @ Markens.. I'll ask around for you

    Yes Denise! We miss out on sooo much because we cant keep our eyes and hands off our phones... kids in class texting, people on the phone will driving... its serious out here. And there are serious consequences. We dont have to go cold turkey, but they def need to use it in moderation!

    Thanks for the comments!!