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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Miss Fix It On Duty

Kudos to all the ladies out there who knows what an exhaust pipe is, knows how to check her oil, has changed a flat tire and can listen to tell if she needs a new fan belt...

Because I CAN'T!

When God made the independent woman, He said she can pay her own bills and take care of herself... nowhere in there did He say she needs to know to change her oil every 3000 miles.  If she did that too, then what the heck is the MAN for??

Over the years, I have had so many issues with my car.. nothing extreme, but extreme enough!  Needing new brakes, needing a tuneup, needing new windshield wipers... who the heck invented the windshield wiper to fail!?!  I see the rain isn't being wiped away but when do you expect me to change it??  When its raining... nooo cuz I can't see to drive to Autozone... and do you really expect me to remember on a sunny day??

But wait, let me give myself some credit, I do get regular oil changes... not that I want to!!  An oil change is like 30 bucks (i think)... but I'd never know because every time I walk out of there, I've just spent 100 daggone dollars!!  Why??  Because I need new filters, I need a transmission flush, I need some exhaust thingy wiped down, swept out, rolled up and smoked for all I know.  It's ridiculous.  Then they bring out a piece of paper with some greenish-brownish corroded liquid wiped on it and say this is what your fluid looks like.. and right beside it is a bright orange fun colored fluid and they say, "And this is what your fluid SHOULD look like."  So what's a girl to say?  I can't let this Alpha male talking to me like he just rode up on a stoic steed ready to save the day.. I can't let him think I'm some irresponsible chic who knows nothing about nothing about my car.. "Oh yes of course Prince Mechanic, save me from that mean old corrosion and replace it with your 60 dollar liquid heaven."  Arrrggggggggggg...

And as of lately, my car has been making this whistling noise especially when I turn the corner... I know something's wrong, every passenger in my car can tell something is wrong... and every pedestrian at every corner can hear that something is definitely wrong... but when will I know for sure, the day I'm calling one of you for a ride cuz Shrek just broke down on me!  Pitiful I know... smh

So again, I'd like to give a shout out to ALL my ladies who keep jumper cables in their trunk, mini flashlights in the glove box and a monkey wrench in their handbag!  EYEListen.

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