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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Your Special Birthday

A day at Church
To a special person from a special person….

I don’t have the riches or fortunes and I couldn’t care less for materialist things, but I do have what means most to me - a heart. With that, I wonder to myself, how can you make someone feel special on their birthday? And it's simple... just by letting them know how special and important they are to your world.

So here are a few words from my heart….

There is a very special person in my life and everyday I try to make a point of telling this person how much I care, love and how grateful I am to have him in my life.
As a parent, I don’t have an easy job and being a single parent makes it much harder. It may seem and or look easy with all the laughs and smiles but it really hurts sometimes; especially being a mom raising a little boy in this crazy world. There are thoughts on how I can teach him what’s right or wrong and most importantly, how to be a humbled God-fearing man. But I can attest that when you have faith and believe in God, He’ll answer prayers.

Soooo, when you entered my life and things didn’t go as I wanted them to I was tempted to give up on us. But I didn’t because I knew God had something much better in store for me, or better yet, for my son… something I longed for…. For him to have this father like, big brother like, mentor figure that he could look up too! To have someone who loves him unconditionally without the love depending on anything involving me. It was simply because that’s what was placed in your heart.
And down the line I found out that you guys were really the ones meant to be together. Since you’ve been here you’ve helped me in ways that I couldn’t or wouldn’t even be able to explain or possibly try to put into words. And the thoughts that once went though my mind have faded into the background. You’ve given me peace of mind and all of the worrying is gone because I know why you are here!!

Even though you weren’t here when the first tooth fell out you were here when the eighth tooth fell out. LOL (insider)!!! You’ve introduced my son to some cool people, some pretty women lol, you’ve spent countless days and nights with him and most importantly you’ve instilled going to church in him… something he loves more then anything .. I can really go on, and on …
But, I’ve said all this to say Ladun, you have a great heart, and I wanted to let you know that I value and appreciate our friendship much more than anything! And thank you tremendously for the loving relationship you have developed with Samajay!

SOOOOOO on this day I just want to tell you have a blessed HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Just ask “J” shelistens… EYEListen. =)

Thanks “J” and I love you too booo!! Muahhhhhhhhhh

Cheers to you Ladun !!
Contributed by Dominique

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