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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sincerely, EX-Side Chick Employer

I will be closing...
 As one of the largest side chick employers in essex county I must announce today that I will be closing my doors for good.  Its not a sad day for me or the industry.  Just like other businesses the recession has caused some cutbacks but overall business has thrived and I'm sure will continue in my absence. To my colleagues, I extend my best wishes. I trust you will continue to produce the best side chicks in the world. I know you will continue to enforce the rules and help your temporary employees grow and advance into other fields. I also hope we can meet again in my new field and still flourish as we did in this one. To my employees..sigh...I knew this day would come..maybe some of you didn't think so..but I just hope I have prepared you all for it. I hope that thru our dealings that you have all grown to hate being a temp.  That your time under my contract has helped you realize what you want..and what you need to become a permanent full time wife.  I truly wish you the best.  Let it be known that you also helped me grow and realize that even though I was excellent at managing a number of contracts, there was also a glass ceiling in my position as a side chick employer.  You helped me see that even with many of you that I always needed more.  That as best as I could be was a bottom fortune 500 Temp agency who trained workers for other top fortune 500 companies.  With that said me closing the book on this venture is not a sad day but just a sign of my growth.  Last but not least to my new business partner..thank you for the opportunity to build something amazing with you. Thanks for seeing the potential in me and giving me a chance even though I have little experience in this field.  I won't let you down.

Professor aka the Ex side chick employer


To fully understand the extremity of this business closing, read Professor's last post, The Side Chick Contract.

Professor's blunt humor and candid point of view never ceases to amaze me.  He has found love, so he has retired from his previous position to take on this promotion.  Good luck cuz and congrats on the Jr to come =)

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  1. I'm laughing. I'm laughing my butt off! But sincere congrats L! (J...Your blog is always better than coffee in the morning! LOL)
    Much Love as usual!