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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Side Chic Contract

First and foremost, ladies you need to determine if you are the main chic or are you the side chic. It’s not hard to determine on your own. Females need a lot of attention as you know. A perfect man with responsibilities only has time to give his main chic 75% of the attention she needs. So if you only getting somewhere between 10 and 15 percent... you are the side chic. Now, being the side chic, you sign an invisible contract which is like any other contract. It’s binding and has terms mutually agreed upon by both parties. These terms insure both parties are satisfied and business runs smoothly.

First is Communication...

This is a very important part of our contract. As the side chic most of our communication will be done face to face. We need not have a paper trail that the main chic can follow... So, if you call or text before 9pm and I don’t answer... don’t call back. There can be no calls or texts after 9pm unless it’s from said male to said side chic. So this means no late night tickle talking aka boo loving and absolutely no picture messages. I will not add you to my facebook, not even my myspace.

Second is our time...

Now being that I only have 10-15 percent of attention to spare, we will only have four meetings within a two week span. These meetings will be great, though. They will be at your place so you won’t have to travel. We will order-in from the best delivery spots... only the best. And of course we would go out...to far places where nobody knows us... But that would count as two meetings. Major holidays are designated for the main chic but your birthday and the day before Valentine’s Day are yours.

Last is your Growth...

Surprising right...but yes, your growth is part of the contract. Being a side chic has a glass ceiling. You can never go from my side chic to my main chic. This contract clearly states that. If you want more communication, more time, a holiday, or even an add to facebook, you want more than what this contract entails. If at any point you feel like this, realize that you are reaching to be a main chic and a reviewing of this contract is in order!

Just think of this contract as working for a temp agency. I’m just preparing you to land a permanent position as somebody’s main chic.... one day… just not mine.

This week’s homework question: What is the difference between the main chic and the only chic?

Class dismissed...

Meet the author: Pro Fessor
The Pro Fessor is 25... Single as of today.  He writes occasionally and has thoughts on everything... A workaholic to say the least.
He was in love once... and still loves her

I love you cuz, thanks for your 2 cents!!


  1. i couldnt have said this better myself...prophecy

  2. Couldn't have imagined it better in my own genius head..

  3. I say ..L Shut the hell up! (JK)

  4. Woooooow...now that was a very interesting read Jay...i love how he gave the side chic rules and guidelines...lol..i think it is important for the dudes to let the otha chicks know that they are the mistress..they need to know they boundaries...your main girl should not ever be disrespected...soo when do we find out the answer to the the homework question?!..or better yet...what's even the point of the side chick if you got a good girl?!...i would def LOVE to hear the Pro Fessor's thoughts on that one..

  5. ...the difference between a main chic and the only chic is love. Not that t.v mushy mushy love..not that we been 2gether for 3 months so i must love u love....its that raw uncontrolable emotion that is real love....the only thing that is strong enough to deture the urge to hunt the abundace of side chics out here lookin for work.....not to say that if u a main chic that ya man has a side chic...but its alot of good girls out here..we know we could find another good girl so we tend to not place a high value on those (speakin for my self not gonna get nobody in trouble) but 4 the one we love or learn to love she becomes priceless

  6. thank u! thank u! thank u!...now if u can just copy and paste this and forward it to all the jump offs out there, the world would be a better place :o) But seriously these jump offs now a days are delusional and be over stepping there boundaries fo' sure! lol And the guys who let them out of pocket are CLOWNS!